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tsavo neal - the #1 source for BJJ gear

You know that one guy in your gym who knows a little "too" much about BJJ gear and instructionals?

BJJ gis, rash guards, instructionals — this guy can't get enough. Well, that's me. The "BJJ equipment" guy.

Ever since I started training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, I loved it. From the lifestyle to the products, I'm incredibly proud to call BJJ my main hobby. I have the privilege of being an assistant BJJ instructor at my gym where I teach beginners. So, it's my duty to impart the knowledge I earn on the mats to my audience on this blog. 

On BJJ Equipment, you'll find reviews on the best BJJ gis, gear, and instructionals. With how fast the sport is growing and all of the new brands on the market, my goal is to equip you with insights to help you invest in the products that will take your game to the next level.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, reach out in the comment section — or, shoot me an email. And if you're ever in Vancouver, drop by my gym for a roll!

Your BJJ-obsessed friend,