10 Best Jiu-Jitsu Podcasts To Improve Your BJJ

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best jiu jitsu podcasts

What are the best jiu-jitsu podcasts?

I started listening to BJJ podcasts when I was a 3-stripe white belt.

As I began listening and applying what I learned, my BJJ started to improve quickly.

In this article, I’ll share with you the best jiu-jitsu podcasts I’ve found and listened to.

(NOTE: My list of best jiu-jitsu podcasts is listed in no particular order)

Best Jiu-Jitsu Podcasts (List)

  1. The Chewjitsu Podcast
  2. BJJ Mental Models
  3. The Strenuous Life Podcast with Stephan Kesting
  4. The BJJ Fanatics Podcast
  5. Jordan Talks Jiujitsu Podcast
  6. Bulletproof For BJJ Podcast
  7. I Suck At Jiu-Jitsu
  8. Beyond Jiu Jitsu
  10. Jiu Jitsu Dummies

Best Jiu-Jitsu Podcasts

1. The Chewjitsu Podcast

best jiu-jitsu podcasts: the chewjitsu podcast

Host: Chewjitsu (Nick Albin)

Description: The Chewjitsu Podcast features your host BJJ Black Belt Nick “Chewy” Albin of chewjitsu.net and his co-host BJJ Black Belt and Physical Therapist Dr. Eugene Tsozik. The show covers topics such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, training, diet, health and injury-prevention, Q&A sessions, and interviews.


  • ChewJitsu changed my life: I’m a 23 year old 1 stripe white belt. I started training about 3 months ago, with the intent to better myself. Around the same time I heard of chewy. I stumbled upon a few videos and fell in love with the art, specifically the way chewy described it. I’ve lost almost 100 pounds in total from changing my life, about 50 since training. This podcast gets me through slumps where I don’t want to train. I took my first medal at my very first competition last month, silver in a Fuji Gi division, and I credit most of my attitude and drive to ChewJitsu. I can’t wait to drop into derby city sometime soon and train with the guys.
  • Great for all levels: Chewy’s podcast is in my must listen rotation of shows. As a newer bjj practitioner and also someone starting in their late 30s, I find his advice on the mental aspects of bjj highly motivating and encouraging. He has me believing that if I just stick this out, I’ll get what I need out of bjj. Hope to one day drop in on his school. Thanks, Chewy!
  • Great podcast about BJJ and life hack tips: You came for BJJ, you get BJJ. You also get advice and thoughts on setting and achieving goals and overall life improvement.

My Favorite Episode: Episode 204 – Qualities Of A Smart BJJ Practitioner (Part 1)


2. BJJ Mental Models

jiu jitsu podcast bjj mental models

Host: Steve Kwan

Description: Explore the conceptual side of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Black belt Steve Kwan and a slate of expert guests discuss the mental models, or universal principles, behind the gentle art.


  • Accelerated Progress: These guys and their conceptualizing of jiu jitsu have been such a great supplement to my gym training and I think they deserve a lot of credit for helping improve my understanding of the sport’s fundamentals and for accelerating my progress as a newer white belt
  • Best BJJ Podcast: As a female hobbyist, often times I feel like I am not the target audience of other BJJ podcasts. Steve’s approach to selecting guests and topics is a refreshing take. He is interviewing knowledgeable practitioners, regardless of gender, competition success, world medals, etc. Through the pandemic and my first pregnancy, the podcasts allows me to advance my game despite being off the mat.
  • Principles > Techniques: This podcast has changed the way I approach training for BJJ. I find myself constantly reflecting on Base/Posture/Structure in a way I never have before. Thanks fellas!

My Favorite Episode: Ep. 155: Concepts Over Techniques, feat. Chris Paines


3. The Strenuous Life Podcast with Stephan Kesting

best bjj podcast the strenuous life with stephan kesting

Host: Stephan Kesting

Description: What is it that allows some people to push themselves beyond their limitations? Why can some people survive situations others do not? On this podcast we try to find out the answers. Stephan Kesting, is a lifelong martial artist, BJJ black belt, career firefighter, and outdoorsman. Join us as he talks to fighters, adventurers, competitors, coaches, firefighters, trainers and other people living the strenuous life.


  • A Great Show About Life (Disguised as BJJ/Grappling): I’ve been a follower of Stephan’s for years but only recently have a started listening to the show. Many BJJ-centric are similar in that it’s overly enthusiastic jocks cussing profusely and just BSing, with a very high noise to signal ratio…not much information is transmitted to the listener. Stephan’s work is quite the opposite; high-yield information while being both engrossing and entertaining. The topics and areas of discussion are vast, and very useful for anyone interested in the grappling arts, or stoicism in action. And Stephan’s voice/accent reminds me of home, so that’s a nice touch. Very highly recommended!
  • Kesting gives it away: Stephan Kesting is a man that has created some of the most and best content for BJJ/grappling and martial arts in general. This content has something for newbies, veterans and everyone in between. The majority of Kesting’s contributions are available for free with the podcast being just one facet. He also produces videos and writes articles (also freely available) that has a tremendous amount to offer. As someone who’s also purchased several apps, from the App Store; I can safely say that his payed products are top notch as well and a bargain.
  • Stephan is doing amazing work all the way around: I started my BJJ journey very recently (3 months). And I have been just trying to gain as much knowledge and perspective around the sport and lifestyle as possible. It seems as if he has insight on nearly all aspects an entry level practitioner can have thoughts and questions on. I found his work by watching a ton of YouTube (where he has many great tutorials), and now I am listening to his podcasts also. He has a natural way to captivate and portray his information to his audiences, which is great for beginners such as myself, since it can be very easy to get overwhelmed and lost on certain subjects. Keep up the great work, it’s greatly appreciated.

My Favorite Episode: A Gameplan for the Closed Guard with Jon Thomas


4. The BJJ Fanatics Podcast

bjj fanatics podcast

Host: Ryan Ford

Description: Our mission with this podcast is to help YOU grow on the mats! We do this by presenting deep, insightful interviews every week with the best athletes, coaches and legends of BJJ and Grappling. Whether you’re looking to expand your knowledge about technique, BJJ culture or the history of the art, every episode is loaded with advice and lessons from the best in the game. The host Ryan Ford conducts each interview in a casual setting, which makes it easy to see the human side of the stars of our sport and get to know their story while also learning more for your own development. New episodes are available every week, and we have over 500 episodes for you to enjoy as well, which is over 800 hours of entertainment and knowledge! We hope you enjoy it!


  • Life Changing Podcast!: This is the show that finally motivated to walk into a BJJ school and sign up. I had been listening to the podcast for a few weeks when I pressed play one day heard Ryan mention that his guest for that day was Seth Smith of Richmond, Virginia – my hometown! It was a terrific interview and it wasn’t long before I finally mustered the courage to join Upstream BJJ, along with my adult daughter. Best decision I’ve made in a long time. Seph is a great teacher and my girl and I can’t wait to go to the next class. Thanks Ryan….keep up the fine work!
  • An awesome resource for jiu-jitsu junkies: This podcast is such a treasure chest of great stories, history, tips, resources and enjoyable content. If you love jiu-jitsu make this podcast a regular part of your training regime to and from the mats. I highly recommend it.
  • Great guests and content: I have no idea how Ryan gets all these guys to interview, but he regularly gets the best of the best to come talk about their lives in grappling. Excellent content and fun interviews. The episodes are a who’s-who in grappling, and they all have great stories, advice and ideas to share. I’d like to hear from more judoka and wrestlers in addition to the best jiu jitsu players in the world he has on his show, but he does a great job finding guys from all over, with all types of experience discussing our favorite thing. Even Guys I never heard of make for great interviews and conversations.

My Favorite Episode: Lachlan Giles


5. Jordan Talks Jiujitsu Podcast

jiu jitsu podcast jordan teaches jiujitsu

Host: Jordan Preisinger

Description: All things Jiujitsu with Top BJJ Youtuber Jordan Preisinger and co-host Joey Boretski & Uke Mike.


  • Love the atmosphere: Hey guys! wanted to drop a review since i noticed there hasn’t been a written one yet. i’m new to BJJ, a white belt, but have really loved watching your videos and have helped me improve a lot. These podcasts have been a super cool addition as well, i personally listen to and from work and it helps get me excited for the day and to learn more about jiujitsu. i think your podcast has alot of unique attributes that i haven’t found in the BJJ podcast world yet. The podcast seems really approachable even from a beginner point of view, and i love that you can feel your friendship even though the phone. I love seeing that bond that’s grown through BJJ after years, and i think it’s awesome that you guys address mental health issues as well as how that plays into your success or love for jiujitsu as a whole. Coming from a humble beginner, i really enjoy listening and hope you continue for much time to come!! Hope to drop in someday if i’m ever in the area!
  • Clear and concise: Nice work making bjj accessible to so many.

My Favorite Episode: Episode 4: Blue Belt Blues, Should You Have A Game Plan? & More!


6. Bulletproof For BJJ Podcast

bulletproof for bjj podcast

Hosts: JT & Joey

Description: This is the official podcast of the Bulletproof For BJJ movement. Hosted by JT & Joey. Each episode the founders break down problems that Jiu-jitsu people experience, giving guidance and tips to improve your training for BJJ. With the goal of helping every body on the Brazilian jiu-jitsu path reduce their chance of injury, improve their strength and mobility to become more resilient.


  • Strong pod here: Tonnes of practical advice on BJJ and BJJ adjacent topics such as nutrition. The guys have a heap of experience to share, and they deliver it in a chill and entertaining way. Great for BJJ folk or those thinking about getting involved. Healthy doses of pop culture references assured the 5 star rating.
  • Legit-su!: Joey & JT preach an awesome concept for the BJJ community that is often forgotten. These gems of knowledge is for every grappler who often doesn’t put an emphasis on mobility but it will save you. Listening to it also makes you at least 10% better in rolls guaranteed!
  • Great to hear Aussies!: Awesome content and a good mix of serious and fun! Love these guys and awesome to hear something not out of the US! Keep it up lads

My Favorite Episode: #56 Life Lesson Learned From BJJ: How challenges on the mats can help you overcome adversity in life.

7. I Suck At Jiu-Jitsu

i suck at jiu jitsu podcast

Host: Josh McKinney

Description: Join host Josh McKinney on his quest to suck-less at jiu-jitsu.


  • The Best Jiu-Jitsu Podcast: In my opinion there is not many great Jiu-jitsu podcasts out there. This one has risen to the top for me. It explores concepts outside of your normal discussions on the art and it delivered and in a clear and entertaining way. Must listen for anybody starting out or looking to improve in anyway.
  • Unique perspectives that will change your game: Awesome podcast! Josh breaks down the complexities of jiu jitsu to help you improve. Bias free and unique perspectives that will change the way you think about jiu jitsu training.
  • My favorite BJJ podcast: I accidentally stumbled on this about a year ago and I get excited Thursdays getting to hear the latest episode. Different than your typical “Grind Bro” BJJ podcast and great for competitor, hobbyist like me, and people who of all walks.

My Favorite Episode: #122 Staying Consistent: Building Macro and Micro Routines


8. Beyond Jiu Jitsu

beyond jiu jitsu podcast

Host: Kieren Lefevre

Description: The Beyond Jiu Jitsu podcast is about all things BJJ, sport, life, health, nutrition, media and beyond. Hosted by Adam Childs, Team Alliance BJJ Black Belt under Alliance Head Coach Fabio Gurgel and Kieren Lefevre a BJJ Blue Belt, Personal Trainer, ISSN – Sport Nutrition Specialist, Videographer and Jiu Jitsu Media Influencer.


  • Essential Knowledge for One’s BJJ Journey: This podcast is a hidden gem. The amount of knowledge acquired from listening to this podcast has been invaluable to my jiu-jitsu journey. The two hosts have great chemistry and are hilarious (not to mention the funny, yet insightful analogies).

My Favorite Episode: #072 – Overcoming The Fear Of Injury



bjj goons podcast

Host: Tim “Mushmaster” Spriggs and Nico Ball

Description: BJJ superstar Tim “MUSHMASTER” Spriggs and BJJ practitioner / activist / journalist Nico Ball tell the stories of the people of the BJJ and Combat Sports community.


  • Compatibly different: Different personalities in Ball and Spriggs, but it works. The only Jiujitsu related podcast you should listen to.
  • Getting Better: In the begin of the podcast the sound was not great but over time it’s gotten better. As a Bjj practitioner and tournament grinder I like how you talk about things behind scene of jiu Jitsu that fans of the art don’t always hear. Also the honesty you show in your opinions whether controversial or not is great. Becoming one of my favorites
  • Love it! Feels like I’m sitting with them!: Definitely enjoying the topics they cover and how down to earth these guys are!



10. Jiu Jitsu Dummies

jiu jitsu dummies best jiu jitsu podcast

Host: jiujitsu dummies

Description: Jiu Jitsu round tables and advice from players of all belt levels. Product giveaways each episode.


  • Good information. Easy listening: More than just Jiu Jitsu. Dives into the hidden value jiu jitsu dummies.
  • It’s like having your Team mates everywhere you go!: Listening to this podcast is like listening to the banter of my teammates! It’s great fun! There’s stories and tips of life on the mat and off the mat! The camaraderie you here between Milton and his fellow teammates is awesome! Keep up the rad podcast JJD! And wash your belt!
  • Great Listen: These guys and gal really know their stuff. They also have a great rapport together. A must listen for every level of Bjj practitioner

My Favorite Episode: JJD Ep.42 – Eli Knight, Black Belt under Royce Gracie

Best Jiu-Jitsu Podcasts: Conclusion

These are some of the best jiu-jitsu podcasts I’ve found.

Sure, it’s easy to geek out and just watch BJJ technique videos.

But I find it helpful to listen to jiu-jitsu podcasts.

They might not be as immediately applicable as technique videos. But, they help you think more conceptually about jiu-jitsu.

Listening to these jiu-jitsu podcasts will help you piece together the techniques that you learn — and create a better overall BJJ game plan.

What’s your favorite jiu-jitsu podcast? Did I miss any on my list?

Leave a comment below in the section below and let me know!

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  1. You should add the “MY WHITE BELT” podcast to this list. Its great for people considering Jiu Jitsu, however can be enjoyable for all practitioners.

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