BJJ Gi Colors: Which Color Should You Wear?

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Does gi color matter in BJJ? What do the different BJJ gi colors mean? 

On r/bjj, I found this hilarious BJJ gi color tier list:

bjj gi colors tier list

And I think it’s spot on.

In this article, I’ll break down the different BJJ gi colors, and what they mean.

But first, let’s talk about BJJ gi color etiquette.

BJJ Gi Color Etiquette

The most important factor when choosing your BJJ gi color is the rules of your gym.

Some gyms are very conservative. You’ll wear a white BJJ gi and you won’t have the option to choose otherwise.

Other gyms don’t care. You can wear an orange Dragonball Z gi if you’re so inclined.

Ask your instructor about your gym’s gi policy. Look around to see what your training partners are wearing. Doing that will tell you what’s acceptable or not.

If your gym doesn’t have any BJJ gi color rules, then choose whatever color you like. Ultimately, it’s about personal preference.

elite gi color choices

BJJ gi color choices for the Elite Gi

If you are competing, stick with a white gi, black gi, or royal blue gi. Those are the IBJJF gi color rules.

And above all else, your gi should NEVER be better than your jiu-jitsu.

If you’re a beginner belt (white or blue), keep your gi clean and simple. You can get a fancier gi once you’ve earned the right to wear one.

White BJJ Gi

White is one of the most common, standard colors for BJJ gis.

White gis are universally accepted in every gym and is a common gi color choice for beginners.

This color is IBJJF legal, and you’ll be able to wear your white gi for any competition.

Personally, I like how white gis look. Their only downside is white is a hard color to maintain.

If you want to keep your white gi white, you’ll have to wash it with other white laundry. Otherwise, you risk discoloring it.

White gis stain rather easily, and in a sport like jiu-jitsu, I’d rather not be worried about maintaining gear that’s getting sweated on and bled on.

Bottom Line: White BJJ gis look great and are accepted everywhere. But they are the hardest color to maintain.

Black BJJ Gi

Black is another very common BJJ gi color.

Personally, black is my favorite color for gis.

fuji all around bjj gi

Me wearing a black Fuji gi

They look great, are easy to maintain, and are accepted in most gyms. It’s also one of the three IBJJF legal gis, along with white and royal blue.

Washing a black gi is easy — you just throw it in with your other laundry of any color.

However, be aware that more conservative gyms don’t like or allow beginner belts to wear black gis.

The best policy is to ask your head instructor about the gi color policy at your gym.

Bottom Line: Black BJJ gis look awesome and are easy to maintain. Just make sure your gym allows them.

Royal Blue BJJ Gi

Royal blue is perhaps the second most popular BJJ gi color.

It’s an easy color to maintain and it is IBJJF-legal.

Most gyms also allow beginners to wear royal blue.

Personally, I don’t really like how this gi looks. It’s too blue for me.

I’d rather go for a navy blue BJJ gi because it’s more subtle.

Bottom Line: Royal blue BJJ gis are common and accepted everywhere. If you prefer something that stands out more than white, royal blue is an acceptable choice.

Navy BJJ Gi

With a navy BJJ gi, we start getting into some of the more unique color choices.

Navy is not common, but I’ve seen it a few times in my gym. And it’s a cool-looking color for a BJJ gi.

Unlike many other of the gi types below, navy doesn’t stand out too much. You won’t come across as a showboat if you sport a navy gi.

Bottom Line: Navy is an excellent color choice for your BJJ gi that won’t ruffle too many feathers. Just make sure your gym is OK with it, especially if you’re still a newbie.


Pink is a BJJ gi color that I’ve seen women wear on the mats.

It’s a loud, fun color, but I’ve never seen anyone criticized for wearing it.

It’s not my personal preference, but it does look kind of cool.

Bottom Line: Pink is most commonly worn among women, but there are pink men’s BJJ gis out there. If you have the confidence to wear it, go for it!

Grey BJJ Gi

Grey, like navy, is another unique gi color that you’ll see every now and then.

I really like grey as a BJJ gi color. They look cool, are easy to wash, and don’t stand out too much.

You can find both dark grey gis and light grey gis. The dark grey gi is my personal favorite.

Bottom Line: If you want a unique color gi, but don’t want your gi to attract too much attention, go with grey. There are some awesome grey gis on the market.

Green BJJ Gi

A green BJJ gi is one of the rarer, more unique BJJ gi colors.

A green gi will certainly stand out in class. If you rock the green, make sure your skills back it up.

I think military green makes for a sweet-looking BJJ gi. It’s unique and loud — but not as unique as the gi colors below!

Bottom Line: Green is a fun, good-looking color for a BJJ gi. But it does stand out, so make sure you earn the right to wear it with some serious BJJ skills.

Camo BJJ Gi

Cue the jokes about your training partners not being able to see you on the mats.

Yes, camo BJJ gis exist. And there are plenty of them to choose from, like Ronin Signature Camouflage gi.

I’m not a huge fan of the camo. I doubt I’ll ever wear one.

But it’s cool that you can find unique color patterns out there.

Bottom Line: If you’ve got a stealthy jiu-jitsu game, you can’t go wrong with camo. Beware of getting picked on by the higher belts.

Tan BJJ Gi

A tan or khaki BJJ gi isn’t a color you’ll see very often.

To me, this looks like a dirty white gi. It’s not my favorite.

But if you’re looking for something that’s similar to white, but a bit easier to take care of, this might be the perfect color for you.

Bottom Line: Is it the most aesthetic gi color? Not a chance. But if you’re a fan of the khaki look, go with this gi.

Red BJJ Gi

Red is a controversial color for a BJJ gi.

In Brazilian jiu-jitsu, red is a color associated with mastery due to the red belt, which is reserved only for true masters of the art.

Therefore, it’s important to check with your gym’s owner before rocking a red gi to class. Some gyms won’t allow it.

In terms of style, I think red is far too loud. You’ll stick out like a sore thumb. And best believe you’ll be abused by higher belts for wearing a red gi.

Bottom Line: Unless you tend to bleed a lot, go with another gi color.

Yellow BJJ Gi

Is it just me, or does a yellow BJJ gi remind you of a power ranger?

This is one of the rarest BJJ gi colors. I’ve never seen someone wear one.

I’m not a big fan of how it looks. But hey, if yellow is your favorite color (and you don’t mind looking like Pikachu while you roll), go for it!

Bottom Line: If you want to attract ALL of the attention in your gym, sport the yellow gi. Otherwise, go for something more subtle.

Other BJJ Gi Colors

Here are a few other unique BJJ gi color options:

  • Mint BJJ Gi: Honestly, I’m not mad at this color at all. It’s unique, but a bit more tasteful than rocking a red or camo gi.
  • Tie-Dye Gi: Bored of your white gi? Just tie-dye it. Sure, it might be ugly, but it will stand out.
  • Themed BJJ Gi: From Dragonball Z gis to superhero gis, themed BJJ gis provide unique takes on traditional BJJ gi colors — and they make for a great gift.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!

Takeaway Thoughts

So there you have it — the many flavors of BJJ gis.

What’s your personal favorite BJJ gi color? And what specific gi brands do you like for that color?

Leave a comment in the section below and let me know.

Happy rolling. 🤙

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