Fuji Gi Review: Best All-Around BJJ Gi?

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fuji gi review

The Fuji All Around Gi is one of the most popular BJJ gis from the most popular BJJ brand.

I’ve heard great things about Fuji gis. Having ranked Fuji #2 on my list of best BJJ gi brands, I was excited to buy one and test it out on the mats.

In this Fuji gi review, I’ll cover the pros and cons of the All Around gi, discuss my training experience in it, and share who should and shouldn’t invest in this gi (and the other options available).

Fuji Gi Review: Quick Links

Fuji Gi Review Summary

πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ•πŸŒ— (4.5/5 stars)

Fuji All-All Around Gi

Fuji is like the β€œToyota” of BJJ gi brands. The word that comes to mind is reliable. They excel in terms of comfort, fit, durability, and style. The price is more than reasonable: you get a premium-feeling gi for half the price. My only minor gripes with this gi are the pants feel a bit short and baggy. I also prefer a lighter-weight gi. But overall, Fuji gis deserve their excellent reputation.

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04/17/2024 11:24 am GMT

fuji all around bjj gi

Fuji Gi Vs Other BJJ Gis: Comparison Chart

fuji all around gi miniFuji All Around Gi origin nano pearl weave gi miniOrigin Nano Pearl Weave Gi gold aeroweave bjj gi miniGold BJJ Aeroweave Gi elite core bjj giElite Sports Core BJJ Gi
Overall Score 4.5/5 stars 4.5/5 stars 4.75/5 stars 4.5/5 stars
Price Check price $224.0 $129.99 $59.99
Weight 550gsm 440gsm 275gsm 400gsm
Pros Durability and comfort Great quality in all aspects Lightest weight gi on the market Solid quality for the price
Cons Pants fit a bit short and baggy Massive shipping costs outside of USA Grip breaking is much tougher Pants come undone frequently
Review Link to review Link to review Link to review Link to review
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Who Should Buy A Fuji Gi

After training in my Fuji gi and testing it out on the mats, there are a few specific contexts where I think this is the best BJJ gi for you.

1. You Are Buying Your First BJJ Gi

If I was a white belt looking for a reliable starter BJJ gi, I’d go with the Fuji All Around Gi. It’s comfortable, inexpensive, and minimally branded.

In many gyms, you get a free gi when you take your first BJJ class. However, these gis are often cheap, uncomfortable, and too heavy. If I ran a gym, the Fuji All Around Gi would be the gi I give new BJJ hobbyists. It excels in the most important things you want out of your gi.

The gi pants are also better than traditional gi pants. The drawstrings are flat instead of round, which makes them easier to tie. Gi pants drawstrings coming undone is one of the bigger frustrations rolling in the gi. Unlike standard gi pants, they’ll stay up more often.

fuji gi and pants

2. You Want A Long-Lasting Gi

If you have no interest in buying multiple gis β€” and you want one gi to wear multiple times per week β€” then you can’t go wrong with this Fuji gi.

You can tell that this gi is built for heavy-duty daily training. Even though it’s comfy, it does have a thick, sturdy feel. This gi will have no problem handling years of grip fighting, sweat, takedowns, and smeshing white belts.

If you don’t like flashy, heavily-branded gis, this is also a great gi for you. It comes in conservative gi colors, and you won’t stand out at all wearing it on the mats. Think of it as “quiet luxury.”

3. You’re Looking For A Heavier Gi

If you’re turned off by the disadvantages of a lightweight BJJ gi, and are looking for a mid-weight or heavy BJJ gi, this Fuji gi is a great choice.

For reference, this gi is 550 grams per square meter (GSM). An example of a lightweight gi would be the Gold Aeroweave gi, which is 275 GSM. A truly heavyweight gi would be around 850 GSM.

Heavier gis, like the All Around gi, are harder for your opponents to grab. You’ll also feel lighter when you train no-gi after wearing a gi like this. So, if you feel like the trade-off of wearing a heavier “armor” in exchange for making it harder for your training partners to grip you is worth it, consider investing in this gi.

Who Shouldn’t Buy A Fuji Gi

I think the Fuji All Around Gi is an excellent choice for most grapplers. However, there are a few contexts where I’d recommend going with a different BJJ gi.

1. You Want A Lightweight Gi

If you’re looking for a lightweight gi, the All-Around Fuji gi isn’t it. At 550gsm, it’s considered a mid-weight gi.

Because it’s so comfortable, I don’t notice the weight too much. But it does feel heavier than my 275sm Aeroweave gi.

If you’re looking for a lightweight gi from Fuji in particular, check out their Suparaito BJJ gi. At 350gsm, it’s about 36% lighter than the All Around Gi.

fuji gj bjj pants

2. You Want To Support American Industry

Like most BJJ gis, Fuji gis are made in Pakistan. If you’re in the USA and you want to support American-made BJJ gear, you won’t be doing that by investing in Fuji.

If investing in American industry is important to you, consider picking up an Origin gi. They’re much pricier, but they are made in America, for Americans, by Americans. But if you’re outside of America and don’t care about where your gi is made, Fuji is a top-tier brand.

Fuji Gi Pros & Cons


  1. Comfort: It’s heavier than my usual gis, but just as comfortable. So not only is it extremely tough and hard for opponents to grip, but it feels fantastic on your body.
  2. Price: At $105.95 on their website, this gi is a steal. It fits and feels like a gi that is worth much more.
  3. Pants Belt: Sure, they’re no Origin Pro BJJ Pants, but Fuji’s gi pants and belt are designed to keep the drawstrings easy to tie and thus, stay up while you roll.


  1. Pant Fit: A minor gripe, but I find the pants a bit short and baggy. But that’s good if you like wearing spats or if you have a clunky knee brace.

fuji gi bjj pants

Fuji Gi Sizing

Most BJJ players will be safe going true to size for their Fuji gi.

fuji gi size chart

For reference, I’m 6’1″ and 175 lbs. So, I went with the A3, and it fits great.

I found that the jacket in particular fits perfectly. The pants, despite my long legs, are a tad short β€” but nothing out of the norm for BJJ gi pants.

If you really dislike baggy, shorter gi pants, I’d check out the Origin Pro Pants.

According to Fuji, their sizing goes by weight rather than height. So, if you are on the edge of two sizes, go a size up.

If you have additional sizing or fit questions about the Fuji gi, leave me a comment in the section below and I’ll answer you there.

Price Breakdown

For the Fuji All Around BJJ gi, you can expect to invest around $105.95.

Click here to check prices on Amazon.

This puts the gi in the low-mid range in terms of pricing for BJJ gis. It’s one of Fuji’s least expensive options, making it a great choice for beginners.

fuji gi jacket

Personally, I think the price is very fair. It’s very comfortable, fits well, and is as tough as any gi on the market. If you’re looking for a mid-weight gi in particular, then the Fuji All Around gi is right up your alley.

If the price is still a little high for you, I’d look into cheaper BJJ gis like Elite gi or Sanabul. You won’t get the same level of quality, but you will save some money.

Construction Details

Here are the key features of the Fuji All Around Gi:

  • Weight: 550gsm
  • Weave: Traditional Weave Gi Jacket
  • Gi Pants: 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • Cotton Twill Pants with Cotton Drawstring
  • Stiff, Thick collar
  • Special reinforcements
  • FUJI Premium Cotton Blend
  • IBJJF (White, Black, Blue), NABJJF, UAEJJF Approved
  • Does not include White Belt
  • Made in Pakistan

fuji gi construction details

At 550gsm, it’s a heavier gi than my primary gi from Origin. But, it’s still extremely comfortable, and very durable.

I washed my Fuji gi and gi pants in cold water, and they didn’t shrink. It took 10-12 hours to hang dry.

This gi also comes with a nice Fuji carrying bag. I prefer my Gold BJJ backpack for carrying my BJJ gear to class, but it’s a nice addition.

fuji gi bag

Fuji Gi Carrying Bag

If you have any additional questions about the Fuji All Around, hit me up in the comment section below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best Fuji gi?

According to the BJJ subreddit, the All Around gi (the one I’m reviewing in this article) and the Suparaito gi are the best Fuji gis.

The All Around gi is the heavier model. The Suparaito gi is 36% lighter.

Will Fuji Gis shrink?

Fuji gis are NOT preshrunk, so you can expect minimal shrinkage.

However, after washing my gi in cold water and hang-drying it, I did not notice any shrinkage.

So, it will probably only shrink if you decide to machine wash and machine dry it.

fuji gi back view

Do Fuji Gis come with a white belt?

Adult Fuji gis do NOT come with a white belt.

If you’re a white belt buying a Fuji gi, buy your white belt on Amazon to pair with your gi.

Takeaway Thoughts & Discussion

The verdict is in: Fuji gis are deserving of their hype.

The “All Around” BJJ gi is a rock-solid gi with no major flaws. Compared to other BJJ gis in this price range, it’s a steal.

I can see this being one of my main gis in the winter here in Vancouver when my gym gets cold.

What are your thoughts about Fuji gis? Which one did you end up buying, and how did you like it?

Leave a comment in the section below and join the discussion.

And if you have any additional questions about Fuji gis, drop a comment below and I’ll answer you there.

Happy rolling. πŸ€™

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Tsavo Neal

Tsavo is the founder of BJJ Equipment, an assistant BJJ instructor at InFighting, and a BJJ purple belt. He's a passionate hobbyist and BJJ gear/equipment aficionado. He launched BJJ Equipment in 2022 to make it easy for grapplers to find the best BJJ gear so they look, feel, and perform at their best on the mats.

2 Comments on “Fuji Gi Review: Best All-Around BJJ Gi?”

  1. Great review, I have found that I wash my fuji gis in WARM water and machine dry in MEDIUM heat and have absolutely NO SHRINKAGE. Yes the care instructions say COLD and HANG dry but running a gym time is precious. I have had Fuji for over 6 years..still in great shape woth ZERO shrinkage. Great gi. Can’t go wrong. These are my personal views and actions on wash/dry not Fuji recommendations

    1. Thanks for the tips Daniel! I agree β€” Fuji gis are rock-solid products. And being able to machine wash and dry them is a huge plus in my opinion. Saves a lot of time.


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