39 Funny BJJ Shirts To Make Your Training Partners Laugh

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funny bjj shirts

Looking for funny BJJ shirts?

Here's a list of the best funny jiu-jitsu t-shirts that will make your training partners laugh.

I wouldn't wear them as rash guards, but they make for some fun casual wear. Or, if you're looking for jiu-jitsu gifts, one of these shirts is perfect!

(Alternatively, I also have a list of normal jiu-jitsu shirts and funny BJJ rash guards)

Funny BJJ Shirts For Jiu-Jitsu Players

strangle things funny bjj shirt

Fan of the TV series Stranger Things? Consider "Strangle Things" — the jiu-jitsu T-shirt version! Featuring some nice submissions and throws.

live laugh leglock funny bjj shirts

A funny take on the cliche saying. Leglocks are better than love anyways, am I right?

jiu jitsu treating depression t shirt

A strangle per day keeps depression and anxiety away. An awesome and funny BJJ shirt by up and coming brand Kill Crew. There's also a hoodie version!

If you're a fan of cats and kimuras, why not combine the two? An adorable BJJ shirt for cat lovers (who also happen to shoulder lock people).

jiu-jitsu and chill funny shirt

Forget about Netflix and chill — do jiu-jitsu and chill instead. Guaranteed to boost your dating success.

shrimping aint easy t shirt

Every new white belt knows it's true...shrimping ain't easy. Only BJJ players will get this one.

Coffee before a morning or afternoon BJJ class is a must. This cool t-shirt improves on the Starbucks logo.

"Tactical hugging:" a solid attempt at defining Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It's really what it looks like to your non-jiujiteiro friends.

Some people just need a hug. Around the neck. Until they tap out. Truer words were never spoken...but now, they're on a t-shirt!

What could be cuter than two unicorns grappling, with one hitting an armbar from closed guard?

bjj panda t shirt

Don't mess with the BJJ panda. He's a black belt with a heavy, pressure-based top game. Do you see that belly?

chokemon bjj t shirt

Now, instead of catching virtual monsters, we just strangle our friends. A hilarious Pokémon-inspired BJJ shirt.

omoplatypus t shirt

Another funny BJJ shirt that is guaranteed to turn heads and make people think "what is that?" Then, omoplata them.

breaking arms bjj t shirt

The BJJ take on the classic "Breaking Bad" logo. Walter White looks like he's got a mean armbar.

I know at least a few of you fellow nerds are into Star Wars. May the force be with you.

Are you a big Game of Thrones fan? Game of Chokes has a nice ring to it. Just be careful grappling with on The Mountain That Rides...

coffee cats and bjj shirt

Is it just me, or does BJJ tend to attract coffee and cat aficionados? Show off your love with this cute BJJ shirt.

Jiu-jitsu dads are objectively cooler than normal dads. Wear this BJJ shirt, and none of the other dads will mess with you.

Walter White might have been able to make crystal...but could he open a tough closed guard? Another great take on the "Breaking Bad" logo.

A skeleton black belt wearing a gi? Spooky. The perfect Halloween funny BJJ shirt.

funny bjj shirts foot

So that's why leg lock specialists always go for the feet...they can't help themselves!

If you had to submit a T-rex, what submission would you go for? It certainly wouldn't be an armbar...just look at those arms!

Tactical hugging, aggressive cuddling...you get the point. But hey, this funny BJJ shirt might get some of your friends interested in jiu-jitsu!

One of my favorite definitions of what jiu-jitsu really is: involuntary yoga. Or, like this shirt says, "murder yoga."

An astronaut hitting an armbar on another astronaut. Proof that Brazilian jiu-jitsu works even in space.

A peaceful sloth meditating in a BJJ gi. Of course, he's talking to all of the spazzy white belts out there.

About to get submitted? You have three choices. Choose wisely. I'll choose tap every time.

This shirt illustrates all of the different bones you can break using BJJ techniques. Not sure if it's funny or just savage. Maybe both!

bjj nirvana t shirt

A black belt is a white belt that didn't quit. One of my favorite BJJ quotes — but inspired by the classic Nirvana album cover.

Would you judo throw someone who touched you? If so, wear this shirt as a warning!

Would you judo throw someone who touched you? If so, wear this shirt as a warning!

It's no secret you'd rather be doing BJJ. You're thinking it, so why not show it off on your shirt?

If physical touch is your love language, you'll love jiu-jitsu. Put your gi on — it's cuddle time!

the guardfather t shirt

So many BJJ movie puns, so little time. The perfect shirt for all you guard pullers out there (including myself).

the art of jiu jitsu t shirt

"The art of folding clothes while people are still in them." Shakespearean, isn't it?

jiu jitsu definition t-shirt

This funny BJJ shirt has a few definitions of jiu-jitsu along with a nice armbar from mount.

MAJA: make jiu-jitsu great again! I think it's already great. But this shirt is pretty funny.

You can't fix stupid, but you can choke it out of people. Just make sure to sweep them first like the shirt illustrates.

Like "The Godfather," but cooler. And of course, the fingers are covered with finger tape.

Funny BJJ Shirts: Conclusion

What are some of your favorite funny BJJ shirts?

Or, do you have an idea for a funny BJJ shirt?

Let me know in the comments below.

Happy rolling!

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