Gold BJJ Backpack Review: The Best Jiu-Jitsu Backpack?

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gold bjj backpack review

The Gold BJJ backpack — the Gatame Training Backpack — is designed specifically for carrying BJJ equipment.

As a BJJ player who takes the train to class, I was excited to switch to this backpack. My duffel bag was too big, too clunky, and too disorganized.

gold bjj backpack review

Overall, I think this is the best bag for jiu-jitsu. It’s light, has enough space, and helps you keep all of your gear neatly organized. I find it much easier to carry my gear on my back. It’s like I don’t even notice it’s there.

In this Gold BJJ backpack review, I’m going to discuss all of the details about the product — and help you decide if it’s a good investment for you and your training.

Let’s dive in.

Gold BJJ Backpack: Quick Links

  1. Review Summary
  2. Who Should Invest In The Gold BJJ Backpack?
  3. Gold BJJ Backpack Pros
  4. Gold BJJ Backpack Cons
  5. Sizing
  6. Price Breakdown
  7. Construction Details
  8. Frequently Asked Questions
  9. Conclusion

Review Summary

🌕🌕🌕🌕🌕 (5/5)

The Gold BJJ backpack is now my go-to BJJ bag. It’s stylish, compact, durable, and carries everything I need — all at a reasonable price. If you want to make going to training easier and more convenient, this is a great bag. However, if you want to carry multiple gis or you’re looking for an all-purpose backpack, I’d look elsewhere. This one is designed for jiu-jitsu specifically. And it pairs perfectly with their Aeroweave Ultralight Gi, which is my go-to BJJ gi.

Who Should Invest In The Gold BJJ Backpack?

The Gatame Training Backpack is created for BJJ players, by BJJ players. Unlike other bags, it’s built specifically to hold just the BJJ gear you bring to class:

If you take the bus or train to class, and you don’t want to carry around a huge, disorganized bag of your gear, this bag is the perfect fit for you.

gold bjj backpack on mats

This bag is light, minimal, and durable. The gi pocket is particularly nice because it’s waterproof and resistant to sweat. It fits much more than you might think. Ultimately, it makes training easier and more convenient.

Does it cost a bit more than your average training backpack? Sure, $10-$15 dollars more. But I think this is the go-to BJJ backpack for the price.

Gold BJJ Backpack Pros

Throughout my testing and review process, I’ve found the Gold BJJ backpack to be an excellent addition to my BJJ gear.

1. Fits Everything I Bring To Class

The first pro with the backpack is that it fits everything I need for class (and more). This includes my gi, gi pants, belt, rash guard, mouth guard, knee pad, water bottle, and even my laptop + laptop case. Even though it looks small, it fits all of this gear without any issues.

me wearing the gold bjj backpack

I love how this bag is designed specifically for jiu-jitsu. The word to describe this bag is efficient. It has 5 compartments, and each compartment is dedicated to hosting a specific category of your gear. There is no wasted space. It also helps me stay organized and I can quickly check if I have everything I need before going to train.

2. Keeps My Gear Dry

The second pro with the backpack is it’s durability and water resistance. I live in Vancouver, and I commute to class: so my bag gets wet from the rain. Even on rainy days when I’ve forgotten my umbrella, the bag gets wet, but my gear does not.

The dedicated gi pocket at the front is waterproof. So even when my gi or rash guards are super sweaty, my other gear — and the inside of the bag — stay dry.

So far, the bag has held up well. I’ll update this review after another 6 months or so of use and let you know if it’s still in good shape.

March 2023 update: The bag remains in excellent condition despite daily use. I now use it as my main bag for going to the gym (strength training).

3. Makes Training Easier & More Convenient

The third pro of the Gold BJJ backpack is that it makes going to BJJ class and training much easier and more convenient. When a carry a generic duffle bag to class, I notice that I carry it. But with this bag, I hardly notice it’s there. I train 4x a week, and with this bag, the whole process of taking my gear to class takes less effort and energy.

I also like the sleek, minimal look. The bag comes in both black and grey.

gold bjj backpack color styles

Gold BJJ Backpack Cons

I think the Gold BJJ backpack is the perfect BJJ bag for most. However, there are a few cons that come with the bag depending on your unique needs.

1. Might Be Too Small

The first drawback of the bag is that it will be too small for some. If you want to carry 2 gis, then this probably isn’t the best backpack for you. That being said, Gold BJJ offers a duffel bag that has almost double the space.

I’m able to carry more than just my BJJ gear in my bag. But I can see how if someone wanted to cram even more stuff, the bag might not be able to carry all of it. If you want to carry a change of clothes, some shoes, a foam roller, and more, then it’s definitely too small for you.

2. Just for BJJ

The second potential drawback is also a pro but also a con for some — the bag is best for BJJ. I can’t see myself using it over my duffel bag for going to a commercial gym (although you could, I just bring a lot of gear to my gym). If you want to use it as an all-purpose bag for everything you do (work, camping, weightlifting, etc), I don’t think the design of this bag would work as well as a general-purpose bag. It’s designed for jiu-jitsu, and that’s what you should use it for.

But if you’re looking for a BJJ backpack that’s comfortable, durable, and can host all your jiu-jitsu gear, then this is the bag I recommend.


When you first receive the bag, you might be alarmed at how small it is.

gold bjj backpack front

That being said, it’s incredibly efficient. It has no problem holding all of the gear you take to class, plus a little more.

The dimensions of the Gold BJJ backpack are 20″ x 13″ x 8″ and 25L (1526 cu in).

It has 5 different compartments:

  • Main compartment
  • Velvet-lined valuables pouch
  • Accessories pouch
  • Water Bottle pouch
  • Waterproof Gi Pouch

Here’s all of the gear that I carry in the bag, with no issues:

  • Gi and gi pants in the main compartment
  • Phone and AirPods case in the valuables pouch
  • Kneepad and mouth guard (in a mouth guard case) in the accessories pouch
  • 1L water bottle in the water bottle pouch
  • Belt, rash guard top, and sandals in the main compartment (each has its own specific sleeve within the compartment)

Will the bag hold 3 gis, a pair of shoes, a big laptop, and a lunchbox? No. If you want to fit multiple pairs of gear, go with their duffel bag instead.

However, for carrying one person’s BJJ equipment, the bag is a perfect size.

Price Breakdown

The Gold BJJ backpack costs $59.99 USD.

How does that compare to other sports bags — and other BJJ-specific bags?

On the low end, you could buy something like an Under Armour sports backpack ($45). Sure, you’ll save $15, but you’ll have to deal with the inconvenience of mashing all of your gear together in one space.

On the high end, you could buy something like Hyperfly’s Procomp Jetpack. It’s nearly 3 times the price ($170), and it’s much larger. However, unless you’re an active competitor who needs to carry a lot more gear, I don’t see the point in spending that much more.

I think the Gold BJJ backpack’s price is justified if you want a gi-specific backpack to make your training easier and more convenient.

Construction Details

Here are the bag’s construction details straight from the Gold BJJ website:

  • Durable, High-Grade Nylon Construction
  • Reinforced Stitching
  • SBS Nylon Zippers for quick access + durability
  • Reinforced Padded Foam Back for comfort and ventilation
  • Padded Shoulder Straps for packing large loads
  • Waist Belt for support
  • Carry Handle

gold bjj backpack rear view

If you have any other questions about the bag’s construction, leave a comment in the section below and I’ll answer you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Gold BJJ Backpack weather-resistant?

The bag is water resistant, but not waterproof. That said, I’ve worn the bag to class in the rain and all of my gear inside was bone dry.

The gi pouch is waterproof. So, you can stick a sweaty gi inside of it, and it won’t make the outer part of the bag wet.

Can it fit a laptop and a gi?

Yes. I fit my gi and gi pants in the front pouch, and my laptop (in a case) has no problem fitting in the back compartment.

Is it machine washable?

According to Cole (who works at Gold BJJ), it is machine washable. But, you can also just wipe it down with some disinfectant wipes.

Is it suitable for children?

I think so. It’s made for adults, but it is quite small (despite being able to fit a lot).


Overall, I think the Gold BJJ backpack is worthy of consideration for your main BJJ bag. It’s light, durable, and can carry all of your gear.

The price is reasonable when compared with other sports bags. I see myself using this bag for many, many years.

Do you own the Gold BJJ backpack? How do you carry your gear to class?

If you have additional questions about the Gold BJJ backpack, leave a comment in the section below.

Happy rolling. 🤙

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Tsavo is the founder of BJJ Equipment, an assistant BJJ instructor at InFighting, and a BJJ purple belt. He's a passionate hobbyist and BJJ gear/equipment aficionado. He launched BJJ Equipment in 2022 to make it easy for grapplers to find the best BJJ gear so they look, feel, and perform at their best on the mats.

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