Gold BJJ Shorts Review: The Best No-Gi Shorts?

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gold bjj shorts review: best no gi shorts

The Gold BJJ Fight Shorts are my favorite no-gi shorts.

They’re so light, stretchy, and comfy, you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them.

After wearing standard athletic shorts for no-gi, I grew tired of worrying about my drawstrings, pockets, sweating, and lack of mobility. So I decided to invest in shorts designed for BJJ and bought the Gold BJJ shorts.

gold bjj fight shorts review

In my Gold BJJ shorts review, I’ll cover the pros and cons of these shorts, explain how to size them, and share my experience training in them.

In A Rush? If you want some simple, slightly baggy, loose-fitting shorts for no-gi, you’ll LOVE the Gold BJJ Fight Shorts. Gold makes great rash guards and spats as well.

Gold BJJ Shorts: Quick Links

Gold BJJ Shorts Review Summary

4.75/5 Stars

If you’re serious about your no-gi jiu-jitsu training, invest in a pair of Gold BJJ Fight Shorts. They’re super comfortable, breathable, and reasonably priced. Everything about them is smooth. And it’s much more enjoyable to roll in shorts designed specifically for BJJ rather than your standard gym shorts.

gold bjj shorts review: best no gi shorts

Who Should Buy Gold BJJ Shorts?

The Gold BJJ Fight Shorts are an excellent choice for most no-gi grapplers. Below are the scenarios where they make the most sense.

1. You’re Looking For Primary No Gi BJJ Shorts

If you’re tired of rolling in pocketed gym shorts (or gi pants) and want to pick up shorts designed for no-gi, these are the perfect choice for you.

The 4-way stretch makes these shorts stand out among your standard athletic shorts. If you have an active, flexible game, you’ll never feel restricted or immobile.

And unlike other shorts, the pockets or drawstrings never get in the way of rolling. This was a frequent problem for me when I trained no-gi in normal shorts. It was annoying to have to worry about my pockets and having to tuck my drawstrings in through my waistband. The Gold BJJ Fight Shorts solve these problems.

2. You Want Light, Breathable Shorts

One of my biggest issues with wearing gym shorts to no-gi was how sweaty they would make my underwear. As Derrick Lewis infamously stated: “My balls was hot.”

You won’t have this problem with the Gold BJJ fight shorts. They’re surprisingly light and breathable, so your sweat doesn’t pool up below your waist.

After a heavy training session, they aren’t drenched in sweat like my usual shorts. This is another huge plus when it comes to comfort.

3. You Prefer A Minimalist Style

If you’re not a huge fan of the usual wacky no gi attire, then you’ll appreciate the design of these shorts. They’re black with minimal white branding graphics.

No matter what type of BJJ rash guard or spats you have, chances are they’ll look great with the Gold BJJ Fight Shorts.

To complete your collection, check out Gold’s Foundation Rash Guard and spats. I own both and pair them with the shorts. With this combo, you’ll be one of the most stylish grapplers on the mats — without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself.

bold bjj rash guard and bjj shorts

Who Shouldn’t Buy Gold BJJ Shorts?

The Gold BJJ Fight Shorts are a great choice for 95% of grapplers, but there are a few scenarios where you should consider a different pair.

1. You Want Built-In Compression Liners

The Gold BJJ Fight Shorts don’t come with built-in compression liners. So, if you like that added bit of compression underneath your shorts, you should invest in some compression shorts or spats.

Since I have to wear a big knee brace for my right knee (meniscus tear), I don’t wear spats underneath my Gold BJJ shorts. However, they’re so comfortable that I don’t mind.

2. You’re Looking For Shorts You Can Wear Outside Of BJJ

These shorts are designed specifically for no-gi BJJ, meaning they have no pockets. So, if you’re looking for shorts that you can use outside of the gym for daily wear, you might be annoyed by the fact that you can’t store anything in your shorts.

I like to wear these around my place because they’re so comfortable. However, I tend not to wear them outside (unless I’m rolling outside on my BalanceFrom Mats) because I can’t carry my phone or keys in them. But you can always pick up a Gold’s BJJ backpack to solve that problem.

Gold BJJ Shorts: Pros & Cons

Here’s a quick summary of the pros and cons of the Gold BJJ Fight Shorts.


  1. Comfort: These shorts are so comfy not only for no-gi BJJ, but also for just lounging around the house. They’re the comfiest, lightest shorts I own.
  2. Breathability: After rolling in these shorts, I never feel overheated from the waist down, even when I pair them with the Gold BJJ spats.
  3. Price: At $35.99, these shorts are in the mid-range of no-gi shorts pricing — but they feel more like a premium pair of shorts.


  1. Hides Your Gains: I wish you could choose your inseam size because these shorts hang a tad long, and will probably completely hide your quads unless you’ve got some freaky legs.

gold bjj fight shorts side view

Gold BJJ Shorts Sizing

For the Gold BJJ Fight Shorts, most grapplers will be safe going true to size. Gold has a handy size chart which I followed, and my shorts fit me perfectly.

gold bjj fight shorts size chart

My waist is 32″. The waistband for these shorts is nice and snug. I don’t need to tie the drawstrings super tight to roll without my shorts sliding down.

If you’re between sizes, then go up if you prefer a baggier fit, and go a size down if you prefer a tighter fit (and want to show off the quads a bit more). These shorts work well for both skinny and muscular legs. They sit right above the knee, but not to the point where they look like “short shorts.”

I went with a Medium in the Fight Shorts and I love their fit. My dimensions are below.

gold bjj fight shorts stretching

  • Height: 6’1″
  • Weight: 170lbs
  • Waist: 32″
  • Hip (circumference around butt): 39″
  • Mid-Thigh: 20.5″

If you have any other questions about the Gold BJJ shorts sizing, drop your question in the comment section and I’ll answer you there.

Price Breakdown

For the Gold Fight Shorts, you can expect to pay $35 USD. This puts these shorts in the middle-end of prices for no gi shorts.

These shorts are certainly worth the price if you train no gi at least once or twice a week.

They’re also super comfortable to lounge around the house in. I’ve even worn them to the gym a few times.

gold bjj fight shorts back view 2

In my experience, Gold’s customer service is top-notch. They’re quick, responsive, and fair. And they offer the Gold BJJ Guarantee: If for any reason you’re not thrilled with your purchase, we’ll replace or refund your order no-questions-asked.” So, if you’re on the fence about buying, you can always get a refund if you don’t like the shorts.

Construction Details

The Gold BJJ Fight Shorts are built for grapplers, by grapplers. Here are the key construction details:

  • Inseam: 8″
  • Sizes Available: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
  • Built-In Liner: No
  • No-pocket design
  • Hidden drawstrings
  • Lightweight 4-way stretch construction
  • Breathable & sweat-wicking
  • IBJJF approved
  • 95% polyester, 5% cotton
  • Designed in San Diego, Made in China

If you have any additional questions about these shorts, hit me up in the comments section.

gold bjj no gi collection

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gold BJJ Shorts Have Pockets?

No, the Gold BJJ shorts don’t have pockets.

For no gi jiu jitsu, it’s best to buy shorts without pockets. That way your pockets won’t accidentally snag your training partner’s fingers or toes while rolling.

gold bjj fight shorts back view

Do Gold BJJ Shorts Come With Built-In Briefs Or Liners?

No, the Gold BJJ shorts don’t come with built-in briefs or liners.

If you like the feeling of built-in briefs and liners when you grapple, pick up some Gold’s BJJ spats. They pair well with these no-gi shorts.

Takeaway Thoughts & Discussion

The Gold BJJ Fight Shorts are my go-to no-gi shorts. They’re extremely light, and comfortable, and they look great with any rash guard.

My favorite thing about them is how minimal they are from a design perspective. You don’t have to worry about pockets, drawstrings, or liners — you can just roll.

Do you have the Gold BJJ shorts? How do you like them? Or, what are your favorite pair of shorts for no-gi BJJ? 

Leave your comment and join the discussion below!

And if you have any additional questions about the Gold BJJ Fight Shorts, leave your question for me in the comment section below and I’ll answer you there.

Happy rolling. 🤙

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