Jiu-Jitsu Patches: The Ultimate Guide (& 17 Cool Patches)

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jiu-jitsu patches on a BJJ gi

Jiu-jitsu patches are a great way to customize your BJJ gi and express who you are.

If you want to sew on the patches yourself, I recommend the VelloStar Sewing Kit. It's inexpensive and has everything you need if you want to do it yourself. And if you're looking for cool jiu-jitsu patches, find my list here.

Or, if you're looking to have someone sow the patches on for you, I'll explain how you can get it done cheaply.

By the end of this post, you'll understand how to attach jiu-jitsu patches (so that they actually last), where to place them, and see my favorite patches.

tom hardy jiu jitsu competition

Tom Hardy with patches on his BJJ gi

Jiu-Jitsu Patches: Quick Links

Jiu-Jitsu Patches FAQ

Where do you put jiu-jitsu patches?

For placing jiu-jitsu patches, stick to the IBJFF placement rules.

jiu-jitsu patch placement ibjjf rules

  • Upper arm
  • Upper shoulders
  • Back
  • Lower back
  • Next to lapels
  • Groin
  • Upper leg (front and back)
  • Lower leg (front and back)
  • Side of legs

Basically, you can't have patches where your opponents can grip: your lapels, lower arms, knees, belt area, etc.

How do you attach patches to a jiu-jitsu gi?

There are three primary ways to attach patches to your gi: taking it to a tailor to do it for you, sewing it on yourself, or using a heat press.


The easiest, quickest, and cheapest way to attach a jiu-jitsu gi is by taking your gi and your patch to a local tailor. Ask them to sew the patch on with heavy-duty stitching. Explain that your gi will get grabbed and pulled on, and that the seams should be strong enough to deal with the force. This should only cost you a few dollars.


You can use a sewing kit to sew the patches on your BJJ gi. Here's a video that shows you how:


Or, if you have an industrial sewing machine (or know somebody that does), you can use that to speed up the process.

Heat Press

You can also use a heat press to press your patch on your gi. It requires the use of a heat press, but generally, you'll get a faster application. You can also heat press your embroidered patch for a smoother finish.

How do you remove patches on a jiu-jitsu gi?

The easiest way to remove patches on a jiu-jitsu gi is by using a seam ripper. It's a small, sharp tool that you can use to pick out the stitches that attach your patch. It's easy to do, and won't damage your gi.

If you don't want to do it yourself, you take your gi to a local tailor or seamstress. They'll remove the patch for you for a couple of dollars.

What is the proper etiquette for jiu-jitsu patches?

The proper etiquette for jiu-jitsu patches depends on your gym and your head coach.

Some gyms are traditional. No patches on a plain gi. Or, your association's patch only.

Other gyms don't care at all. Your gi is yours, and you can customize it in any way you'd like.

The best way to find out is to…

  • A) Ask your coach about the policy for jiu-jitsu patches at your gym.
  • B) Observe what others are doing when it comes to patches for their gis.

Either way, a good rule of thumb is this: don't make your gi cooler than your jiu-jitsu.

Cool Jiu-Jitsu Patches

samurai head jiu-jitsu patch

Instantly make your gi cooler with this Ronin emperor samurai patch. Bad-ass AND beautiful.

great wave off kanagawa jiu jitsu patch

Inspired by the famous Japanese woodblock print, this jiu-jitsu patch will add some more "flow" and "zen" to your game.

shaka hands bjj patch

OSS! The hand symbol all jiu-jitsu players recognize. And you know it's authentic because the hand is all taped up!

eat sleep jiu jitsu patch

Eat. Sleep. Jiu-Jitsu. Usually found on BJJ t-shirts and BJJ hoodies — but now, in a patch form!

pyjama warriors jiu-jitsu patch

If you're a gi grappler, you're a pyjama warrior. A hilarious, cool jiu-jitsu patch from Occasional Porrada.

neon belly jiu-jitsu patch

On the jiu-jitsu table of elements, NE stands for Neon Belly. A funny, well-designed patch from Mega BJJ.

yoda red belt patch

"Do or do not, there is no try." Embed the wisdom of Yoda on your BJJ gi!

samurai bjj patch

There's something that's just so fitting about having a samurai patch on your gi. A big, high-quality jiu-jitsu patch.

roaring gorilla patch

This blue and pink roaring gorilla patchs is one of the highest-rated jiu-jitsu patches on the market. Cute colors, but vicious design.

waves and heart jiu jitsu patch

Now, you can really wear your heart on your gi sleeve. Get it? This one comes with several options!

roaring tiger patch

Channel your inner tiger by adding this patch to your gi. You'll instantly gain +5 to your aggression and offense stats!

lion dog patch

What happens when you combine a lion and a dog? You get this handsome creature. A unique patch for your gi.

chinese dragon patch

Perfect to take up the entire back of your gi, this Chinese dragon patch symbolizes good luck, strength, and health.

mysterious mask patch

Freeze your opponents in fear with this mysterious mask patch. Spooky, but very aesthetic.

ronin patch

A samurai. With a gun. Does it get any cooler than that? Add this patch to your gi and channel your inner warrior.

gundamn wing patch

Fan of Gundam Wing? These two patches will turn your gi into a real mecha suit.

snuggle struggle patch

To make your Gi less intimidating, grab this "snuggle struggle cuddle" patch. It will throw your training partners off guard — which is perfect for strangling them.

Where To Get Custom Jiu-Jitsu Patches

In addition to buying premade patches, you can also design your own jiu-jitsu patches.

If you want to design your own patch, you can work with a graphic designer (or tattoo artist) to create your design. They'll provide you with the proper graphic files so that you can reach out to a jiu-jitsu patch maker to build your patch.

Embroidery services in your area might also have a custom patch service, so check with them as well.

You can also work with a patch maker on Etsy. Send them your design and they'll make you your patches.

Here are a few of the recommended patch makers from r/BJJ:

When it comes to custom patch quality, here are some things to keep in mind:

"Consider how your patch is being made as well as price and quantity necessary. Printing a patch is easy and cheap but not always the best option. The quality is not as good as say an embroidered patch. I don’t do custom one-offs, but all the patches I produce are embroidered and have an iron-on ready backing which you can heat @ 160c to bind to the Gi. Printed patches are also less color stable when washed over and over so I’d opt for embroidered as the thread generally holds its color and looks cooler. Suppliers are abundant so focus rather on quality and reliability of the seller and knowing exactly what you want so you don’t end up with a cheap printed patch (unless price is a priority)" - u/Weapons-GradeBjj

Jiu-Jitsu Patches: Conclusion

So there you have it — everything you need to know about jiu-jitsu patches.

What's your favorite jiu-jitsu patch? How have you customized your gi?

Leave a comment in the section below

Happy rolling. 🤙

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