51 Popular Jiu-Jitsu Shirts For BJJ Players (Leisurewear)

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popular jiu-jitsu shirts leisurewear

Looking for cool jiu-jitsu shirts to show off your love for BJJ? 

When I'm walking around town or to the gym, I often wear BJJ-related leisurewear:

favorite jiu-jitsu shirt

Me in one of my favorite jiu-jitsu shirts — see #17!

They're a great conversation starter and a way to represent your love for the game.

In this article, I've curated some of my favorite jiu-jitsu shirts from around the industry.

NOTE 1: The shirts listed here are designed around jiu-jitsu instead of brand logos. If you're looking for branded BJJ gear, check out my posts on the best BJJ gi brands and best rash guard brands, and check those brand websites for apparel.

NOTE 2: You can also find my list of funny BJJ t-shirts and BJJ hoodies if you're looking for more apparel or gifts for BJJ players.

Best Jiu-Jitsu Shirts

property of jiu-jitsu shirt

"The Mats" are where you study now. A classic design, but made for students of jiu-jitsu.


When life is going well, you eat, sleep, train — and then repeat it all over again. The perfect shirt for serious hobbyists and competitors. It also makes a great jiu-jitsu patch!

gentle art shirt

Jiu-jitsu truly is the "gentle art." This shirt makes that clear with a premium, fashionable design.

statue head bjj shirt

Jiu-jitsu allows the smaller player to beat a bigger opponent with superior technique. That's why this shirt features a statue head of David — from the classic David and Goliath tale.

just do bjj shirt

Don't "Just Do It"..."Just Do BJJ" instead. An improved version on the classic Nike slogan.

milwaukee jiu jitsu tee

The iconic "Milwaukee" power tools company logo — but with the words "Jiu-Jitsu" on it instead. A super stylish look.

fighting anxiety and depression shirt

One of the biggest benefits of jiu-jitsu is that it helps fight anxiety and depression. This shirt is all about that benefit!

nba bjj logo tee

This tee features the BJJ version of the NBA logo. I'll take ADCC over the NBA finals any day of the week.

open man jiu-jitsu shirt

Are you the king of your local open mat? Represent BJJ with this modern, stylish shirt.

jiu jitsu portrait shirt

This one features an armbar from closed guard in an art nouveau style. One of the most unique BJJ shirts I've ever seen!

jiu jitsu everyday shirt

Jiu-jitsu all day, every day. An awesome shirt by Kill Crew — which also makes for the perfect BJJ hoodie.

bjj synthwave shirt

A synthwave-inspired jiu-jitsu shirt. Even better, it's got a nice quote: "Brazilian jiu-jitsu is my superpower!"

jiu jitsu stacked tee

A super clean black and white jiu-jitsu tee. Perfect for you minimalists out there.

never quit BJJ shirt

"A black belt is a white belt who never quit." A famous BJJ quote — but now on a shirt!

flying armbar shirt

The legend Helio Gracie hitting a flying armbar. What more you could ask for on a BJJ shirt?

demon head bjj shirt

BJJ is all about facing your inner demons. This tee puts that demon front and center.

wolves among sheep bjj shirt

Train BJJ, and you're a wolf among sheep. One of my personal favorites that I wear often.

jiu jitsu club shirt

Join the jiu-jitsu club — you won't regret it. Another awesome jiu-jitsu shirt by Kill Crew, who is also a top rash BJJ rash guard brand.

submit shirt

This shirt is the BJJ take on the classic "Obey" logo. Another awesome Helio Gracie inspired tee.

jiu-jitsu flow shirt

It's all about the flow. A great shirt by Fuji, one of the top-rated BJJ gi brands.

supreme jiu-jitsu shirt

Does this tee look familiar? It's the jiu-jitsu version of the "Supreme" logo shirt — except this one isn't always out of stock.

helio gracie shirt

The man who started it all. If you're a Gracie jiu-jitsu student, pay homage to the patriarch Helio Gracie with this shirt.

jiu jitsu square shirt

Stylish black-and-white tee with the words "jiu-jitsu" in it. Another clean design by Choke Republic.

bjj nerd shirt

Let's face it: we're all BJJ nerds. Might as well be open and honest about it by wearing this tee.

jiu jistu heart shirt

BJJ is on our minds, in our hearts, and takes over our souls. Another great jiu-jitsu shirt to wear when you're out and about.

brazil flag jiu-jitsu shirt

A BJJ shirt that features an awesome throw and the Brazilian flag. Pay homage to the motherland with this tee.

japanese jiu-jitsu shirt

This tee features the words jiu-jitsu in English and Japanese. Another minimalist BJJ shirt to add to your collection.

bjj oss shirt

Most BJJ players can't tell you what "OSS" means, including me. But this "rolling hands" shirt looks dope anyways!

jiu jitsu chess shirt

It's like chess, but with your body. If you're into BJJ and chess, you'll love this tee.

plain BJJ tee

A plain white tee with "jiu-jitsu" written on it. As simple and clean as it gets!

jiu jitsu handwritten shirt

Like many other shirts on this list, this one has "jiu-jitsu" written on it, but in a nice, handwritten font. Another one for the minimalists!

another night in paradise tatami shirt

"Another night in paradise." That's what I think about every time I roll into my evening BJJ classes!

submission shirt

The color scheme on this one is super slick! A cool tee by Kingz — one of the highest-rated gi brands.

pink bjj shirt

I never really wear pink on a shirt, but I would with this one. Why? Because it's got BJJ on it!

ground fighter shirt

Forget "Street Fighter" — "Ground Fighter" is superior. And it features a slick RNC with Ken choking out Ryu.

jiu jitsu lifestyle shirt

Do you live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle? Perfect if you live on the beach or surf in addition to your jiu-jitsu training.

vintage fighter shirt

A vintage-style jiu-jitsu shirt featuring a badass flying armbar. Technique over strength!

women grappling shirt

There are too many dudes on the shirts in this article. This tee, on the other hand, features some badass women grapplers!

flow state craig jones shirt

Getting in that flow state is one of the best feelings about training. This tee also features the one and only Craig Jones.

be fluid bjj shirt

Be like water, my friend. A mantra we should all try and embody with our jiu-jitsu.

american grappler shirt

America! This "American Grappler" shirt by Fuji is a classic. Comes in blue, black, and red.

bjj lion shirt

Goal: to train like a beast. The one's a "beastly" shirt. For all of you big cat lovers out there.

jiu jitsu techniques shirt

Kimura. Armbar. RNC. D'arce. Some of the most effective techniques, but now on your shirt.

jiu jitsu cursive shirt

Another plain shirt with jiu-jitsu on it — this one with a cool cursive font. If you tend to like your tees plain, this one's for you.

gi graphic shirt

A tee shirt with a jiu-jitsu gi on it. It represents what you'd rather be wearing. Make sure to color the belt to make it accurate for you (unless you're a white belt).

sun rising bjj shirt

The "sun rising" jiu-jitsu shirt. This one features my favorite submission: the triangle choke.

its how i roll bjj shirt

Jiu-jitsu: it's how I roll. A sweet graphic tee that looks great in all of your favorite colors.

jiu jitsu script shirt

Version 2 of the jiu-jitsu "Script" tee. A classic by Choke Republic (who make a lot of great BJJ apparel).

10th planet bjj shirt

Represent your squad with this 10th planet shirt. Eddie Bravo would be proud.

gracie jiu-jitsu shirt

One of the most iconic logos in BJJ. Gracie grapplers all need this one in their closet.

train like a beast shirt

A red lion. Jiu-jitsu. "Train like a beast." Too much awesomeness for one shirt? Maybe.

Best Jiu-Jitsu Shirts: Conclusion

That concludes my list of favorite jiu-jitsu shirts.

What's your favorite BJJ shirt? Did I miss any?

Leave a comment in the section below.

Happy rolling!

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