MiHIGH Sauna Blanket Review: The Best BJJ Recovery Tool?

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mihigh sauna blanket review for bjj recovery

The MiHigh sauna blanket is a portable, infrared sauna that gives you the benefits of a sauna from the comfort of your home. It’s also the preferred sauna blanket for the UFC and professional athletes.

For BJJ athletes interested in improving their recovery, the MiHIGH sauna blanket is a fantastic tool. It helps you sleep, sweat out toxins, and calm your mind: all of which will help you get back on the mats consistently and feel better when you train.

In this MiHigh sauna blanket review, I’m going to break down all the key details you need to know about it before investing in one.

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MiHIGH Sauna Blanket Review: Quick Links

MiHigh Sauna Blanket: Review Summary

⭐⭐⭐⭐✰ (4.25/5 Stars)

The MiHIGH sauna blanket is an excellent full-body recovery tool, and one of the best for recovering from BJJ training. Use it 2-3x per week, and it helps ensure your body feels good so you can train consistently. However, it isn’t the most comfortable thing to use. And it does require a few minutes to set up and put away. But if you’re over the age of 30, don’t live within 5-10 minutes walking distance to a sauna, and are willing to invest in your physical and mental health, then it’s a solid investment for grapplers.

mihigh sauna blanket review for bjj recovery

Who Should Buy The MiHIGH Sauna Blanket?

There are a few use cases where I think investing in the MiHIGH sauna blanket makes the most sense.

1. Great For Older Grapplers

I’m 31 years old. I still recover fairly well, but not as well as I did in my 20s. If you’re 30 or older, the MiHIGH sauna blanket will help you recover like your younger self.

2. Perfect For Body Hackers

If you love the Joe Rogan Podcast, and listen to scientists like Andrew Huberman, Rhonda Patrick, and Peter Attia, then you’ll feel right at home with the MiHIGH sauna blanket. The benefits of using a sauna are well-established. More grapplers should be aware of how a sauna can help them recover and train more consistently.

lying in a mihigh sauna blanket

3. Good Pick For Grapplers With Other Physical Hobbies

BJJ is demanding on your body. Add in strength training, rock climbing, running, or any other physical hobby on top of jiu-jitsu, and you risk overtraining. I do strength training 5x a week and BJJ 3-4x a week, so using my MiHIGH sauna blanket 2-3x per week helps my body recover from all of my physical activities.

Who Shouldn’t Buy The MiHIGH Sauna Blanket?

Although it’s a solid product, I wouldn’t recommend it for every single grappler.

1. You Don’t Feel Sore After BJJ

If you’re fit, active, have great health habits, are in your 20s — and simply don’t feel sore after BJJ class — then investing a few hundred dollars in your own sauna is probably overkill.

2. If You Have Easy Access To A Sauna, Stick With That

If I had a sauna within a 5-10 minute walking distance of my apartment, I would just use that. But I don’t, so I invested in the MiHIGH sauna blanket. If you’re within walking distance of a sauna, I’d stick with that.

3. Impatient Grapplers

To use the MiHIGH sauna blanket, you have to take it out of the storage bag, lay it down on your bed or BJJ mats, warm it up for 5 minutes, and then you can use it. Once you’re done, you have to wait for it to cool down, clean it, and store it. If all that sounds like too much of a chore for you, skip out on this investment.

mihigh sauna blanket carrying bag

MiHIGH sauna blanket carrying bag

MiHIGHSauna Blanket Pros

After using the MiHIGH sauna blanket for several weeks, I’ve noticed a few awesome benefits in how it’s impacted my physical and mental health.

1. Improved Recovery

I use the blanket 2-3x per week at night, and it’s helped me recover from BJJ and strength training. My body doesn’t feel sore at all after I wake up the next day after training.

For reference, I do strength training 5x a week, and BJJ 3-4x times a week. There are a few days where I’m doing both strength training and BJJ on the same day. At 31 years old, I’m putting my body through a lot. Using the blanket consistently helps  me fully recover from all of my training so I wake up feeling recovered and refreshed.

For this reason, I can see why the MiHIGH sauna blanket is a favorite among UFC fighters:

“The MiHigh sauna blanket provides me the same benefits as a sit down infrared sauna, but in the portability of a blanket. When I’m on the road and stressed, I use my MiHigh sauna blanket to help with my muscle recovery, help me lose weight and relax before heading to bed every night.”

-Michael Chiesa, UFC Fighter and BJJ Brown Belt

mihigh sauna blanket

2. Portability

I really like how portable the MiHIGH sauna blanket is. Whenever I feel like getting in a sauna, instead of having to go somewhere, I take out my MiHIGH blanket, lay it on my home BJJ mats, and get in for 45 minutes. Personally, I don’t bring it anywhere, but with the carrying bag, it would be easy to transport.

Besides the health benefits, the portability of this model is one of the biggest reasons it’s a good investment. If you like doing solo drills, strength training, or working with a grappling dummy from home, then this blanket is right up your alley.

3. Better Mental State

In addition to its physical health benefits, I’ve also noticed some mental health benefits from using the MiHIGH sauna blanket as well. Whenever I’m feeling a bit “off,” I spend 45 minutes in the sauna that night. I always feel better after I do.

Infrared saunas are known to release endorphins and help you get into a relaxed state. I’ve felt these effects myself when I use my sauna blanket. I’m not normally a person who feels stressed, depressed, or anxious. I imagine that if I was, the blanket could help with those symptoms.

Using the sauna also helps me sleep 7-8 hours straight, which historically has been a problem for me. I’ve noticed that on nights when I use the sauna, I don’t wake up in the middle of the night. So, if you have trouble sleeping (which will affect your ability to recover), this might help you get your required 7-8 hours of sleep per night.

MiHIGH Sauna Blanket Cons

There are a few cons to the MiHIGH sauna blanket that you should be aware of before investing.

1. Setup Time & Cleaning

The trade-off for the portability of the blanket is the time it takes to set up and clean the blanket. If you go and visit a sauna, you simply walk in, use it, and leave. You don’t have to set it up or clean it.

However, with the MiHIGH sauna blanket, you have to take it out of storage, lay it down, wait a few minutes for it to warm up, and then get in. When you’re done, you have to unzip it, wait for it to cool down, and then clean it with antibacterial spray. Because I put my blanket on my home BJJ mats, I also have to clean the mats underneath it. After that, you have to fold it and store it away.

This only takes about 5 minutes total, but you should be aware of this trade-off before investing and decide if it’s still worth it for you.

cleaning mihigh sauna blanket

Cleaning the MiHIGH sauna blanket with antibacterial spray

2. Comfort Isn’t Ideal

Although the heat and infrared lighting feel good, laying down in a blanket is not the most comfortable way to use a sauna. The blanket is 180cm long, and I’m 185cm tall. To get my entire body in, I have to curl my legs a bit instead of lying flat. I wish the blanket was slightly longer so I could fit entirely inside. Be aware of this if you’re a taller grappler.

I’ve noticed that at the highest temperature, my feet get uncomfortably hot compared to the rest of my body. So I’ll have to lower the temperature, wait for my feet to cool off, and then go back to the highest temperature. It could be me, but it feels as though the heat is somewhat unevenly distributed toward the bottom of the blanket.

Before investing, consider how you would feel lying down in a sauna. If that doesn’t sound ideal to you, then you might consider investing in a portable sauna tent instead. With a portable sauna tent, you get to sit down (like in a traditional sauna) instead of having to lie down.

3. Potential EMF

The infrared heating aspect of the blanket is fostered by EMFs (electromagnetic fields) that cause a low level of radiation. There are some studies that show it can be harmful to your health.  But other studies show it’s not that big of a deal. More research is needed.

According to MiHIGH, the blankets are made with low EMF heating, which shouldn’t cause you any harm. However, if you’d rather not have any EMF, then you’re better off investing in a portable steam sauna instead of an infrared one.

Price Breakdown

For the MiHIGH sauna blanket, you can expect to pay $499 USD.

Compared to other portable saunas (blankets and tents), it’s on the higher end.

For example, you can get a portable steam sauna for around $200 USD. You can also find cheaper blankets from brands like LifePro.

All portable saunas are far less expensive than traditional box saunas, which will run you $2000+.

Yearly access to a sauna would cost me around $450 (not including the time it would take to get there and back).

All things considered, I think $499 is a fair price for the MiHIGH sauna blanket if you fit within my “Who Should Invest” criteria. If you don’t have the budget for this particular model, consider investing in a cheaper option, as you’ll get similar benefits.

Construction Details

Here are the key construction details about the MiHIGH sauna blanket.

Materials & specs

  • FAR Infrared lighting
  • 180cm (6 feet) in length
  • 150kg weight capacity
  • PU leather exterior, waterproof inside & non-toxic fabrics

What’s included

  • Infrared sauna blanket
  • Controller
  • Sauna carrying bag
mihigh sauna blanket controller

MiHIGH sauna blanket controller

The first version of the MiHIGH blanket featured a velcro blanket closure. The V2 model is closed using a zipper. I imagine this makes it much easier to close and ensures the blanket stays closed when you’re in it.

It feels like a high-quality, well-made product. I like how it includes the carrying bag which makes the blanket easier to store. The controller is also very easy to use, and the blanket is simple to set up.

You can also “bundle up” your blanket with extra towels, a spray bottle, and a headband. I didn’t purchase these add-ons.

Based on its construction quality, I can see this blanket easily lasting for a decade or longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hot is the MiHIGH infrared sauna blanket?

With the MiHIGH sauna blanket, you can adjust the temperature from 25-75 C°, or 77-167°F.

For reference, the average American enjoys 120-130 °F for an infrared sauna.

Personally, I enjoy the MiHIGH infrared sauna at the highest temperature.

sweat after mihigh sauna blanket

How much I sweat after using the blanket

How many calories do you burn in the MiHIGH?

According to the MiHIGH website, a 30-minute session in their sauna blanket will burn up to 600 calories.

Since using the blanket 2-3 times per week, I’ve slimmed down about 5-8lbs.

I didn’t get the blanket to lose weight. But, if losing weight is your goal, it may help.

Should you shower after using an infrared sauna blanket?

Showering after using an infrared sauna is a good practice. It will help you cool down and feel refreshed when you’re done.

I’ll typically use my MiHIGH sauna blanket for 45 minutes, clean it, and then jump in a cool shower.

You can read their full FAQ here.

If you have any personal questions for me about how I use the blanket in the context of BJJ recovery, leave a comment below.

Takeaway Thoughts

The MiHIGH sauna blanket is an excellent tool for BJJ recovery. It helps me feel great mentally and physically after each training session.

If you’re an older grappler and you want to feel less beat up, there’s no doubt in my mind that this will help.

That being said, it’s a hefty investment. So it’s best for grapplers who have other physical hobbies (like strength training) and who have the discipline to actually use it 2-3 times per week.

If you have any additional questions about the MiHIGH sauna blanket, leave a comment in the section below.

Happy rolling. 🤙

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