Origin Gi Review: The Best Premium BJJ Gi?

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origin gi: nano pearl weave bjj gi on blue mats

Is the Origin gi the ultimate, premium BJJ gi experience?

Origin is known for its high-end BJJ gis that are made in America. They’re often praised as one of the best BJJ gi brands.

So, I bought their Nano Pearl™ Path gi to find out how it performed on the mats. And I was very impressed — it’s truly an incredible gi. However, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase. I’ll expand on the pros and cons below.

In this in-depth review, I’ll share everything you need to know before investing in an Origin gi.

(NOTE: If you’re more of a no-gi player, check out my Origin rash guard review)

Origin Gi Review: Quick Links

Origin Path Gi: Review Summary

⭐⭐⭐⭐ (4.5/5 Stars)

The Origin Nano Pearl Path Gi is expensive, but it’s an amazing BJJ gi. It’s extremely comfortable, well-fitting, tough, and stylish — everything you would want out of your primary gi. Their Pro BJJ pants are a step above traditional gi pants. Sure, Origin gis might break the bank a bit…but you’ll enjoy a truly premium gi experience. The downside is their massive shipping and import costs if you’re outside of the U.S.A.

origin gi: nano pearl weave bjj gi on blue mats

Origin Gi Vs Other BJJ Gis: Comparison Chart

fuji all around gi miniFuji All Around Gi origin nano pearl weave gi miniOrigin Nano Pearl Weave Gi gold aeroweave bjj gi miniGold BJJ Aeroweave Gi elite core bjj giElite Sports Core BJJ Gi
Overall Score 4.5/5 stars 4.5/5 stars 4.75/5 stars 4.5/5 stars
Price Check price $224.0 $129.99 $59.99
Weight 550gsm 440gsm 275gsm 400gsm
Pros Durability and comfort Great quality in all aspects Lightest weight gi on the market Solid quality for the price
Cons Pants fit a bit short and baggy Massive shipping costs outside of USA Grip breaking is much tougher Pants come undone frequently
Review Link to review Link to review Link to review Link to review
Shop Shop Amazon Shop Origin Shop Gold Shop Elite

Who Should Invest In An Origin Gi?

The Origin Nano Pearl Gi is an excellent choice for your primary gi. It’s the perfect all-around gi: it’s light, breathable, comfortable, and durable. It’s my favorite gi, and it’s the one I wear most often to gi class.

I love the Nano Pearl Weave Gi jacket. It weighs 440 grams per square meter (GSM). That puts it in the midrange of weight for BJJ gis. However, it feels as light as my Ultralight Aeroweave Gi. Cheaper gis feel rougher on my body. But the Nano Pearl gi jacket feels smooth and frictionless.

The Pro BJJ Pants are also a huge plus. If you’ve ever been frustrated by traditional gi pants, then you’ll love the Pro Pants. They fit better, are easier to tie, and look much more appealing. They’ll cost you about $12 more than their stock pants. But, they are a huge part of what makes Origin gis stand out among the rest.

If you want an Origin gi, you’ll have to budget at least $150. You’re paying much more than you would for cheaper BJJ gi brands. However, if you vibe with Jocko and the Origin brand, want a high-end BJJ gi, train in the gi at least twice a week, and want to support American industry, then investing in an Origin gi is the right move for you.

Origin Gi Pros

After wearing and reviewing several different gis, my Nano Pearl Weave Origin gi is one of my favorite gis. 

Its comfort, fit, performance, and style are top-tier. I’ll expand on these points below.

Comfort & Fit

My first impression of wearing my Origin gi was literally “holy s*** this thing feels incredible.” Cheaper gis I’ve worn felt like heavy sandpaper. The Origin gi, on the inside, feels smooth. You don’t really notice it’s there. This enables you to focus on your training.

The fit of the Origin gi is also a major plus. It fits true to size. It fit me perfectly right out of the box. It’s neither tight nor loose — it fits just right. It was nice to not have to worry about shrinking it down to improve the fit. I’ve had to do that with other BJJ gis.

The Pro BJJ Pants are also a must-buy. They’re so much better than traditional BJJ gi pants that I never want to go back. They look better, are easier to tie up, and fit like your favorite pair of jeans. Usually, I wear spats under my gi pants. But with the Pro BJJ Pants, spats are unnecessary. That’s one less thing I have to worry about buying, bringing to class, washing, etc.


The Nano Pearl Weave Gi passed my gi testing process with flying colors. Everything Origin advertises about the gi is true.  It’s tough, dries quickly, wicks away moisture, and is light weight.

I’ve been wearing this gi during a hot spring/summer here in Vancouver, rolling in 90-degree weather. In other gis, I would feel drained by the heat and sweat. But in my Origin gi, it’s not a problem. The gi helps keep me cool and minimizes sweat.

At 440 GSM, the Origin gi is light for its toughness. However, I’ve noticed that it feels comparable to my 275 GSM Aeroweave Ultralight gi — one of the lightest-weight gis on the market. With an Origin gi, you get the best of both worlds: a durable, tough-to-grip weave that is also light and easy for you to roll around in.

nano pearl path gi vs aeroweave ultralight gi

Orgin gi next to the Gold BJJ Aeroweave gi


In my Origin rash guard review, I wrote about how their Elec-tron rash guard was the only Origin rash guard I liked in terms of style. Origin gis, on the other hand, look awesome. They’re minimal, sophisticated, and have just enough detailing to make them stand out.

All of their gis look superb. The first day I wore my Origin gi to class, my training partners all complimented the gi. I think the Path gi in particular looks awesome with the multi-color emblem on the back. But you can’t go wrong with any of their gis if you prefer stylish yet minimal gi designs.

Origin Gi Cons

As amazing as the Origin gi is, there are some potential drawbacks depending on your patience and budget.

Wait Time

If you’re impatient and like to get your BJJ gear fast, then you might be frustrated with the wait time to receive your Origin gi.

Origin gis are built to order. That means your gi isn’t built until you actually order it. They currently ship in 2-4 weeks. So, it could be a few weeks before you get to train in your Origin gi.

My Origin gi shipped 8 days after I ordered it. I received the gi 5 days after shipping. I would have liked to receive it faster.  But it was absolutely worth the wait.

I think Americans get their Origin gis faster. So, this won’t be as much of a drawback for you if you live in the U.S.A (I live in Canada).


Make no mistake: Origin gis are pricey. If you can’t imagine yourself dropping $200 on a BJJ gi, then it’s not for you. You can go with a more inexpensive option like the Aeroweave Ultralight gi.

Similar to the wait time, the price will be less of an issue if you’re in America. I’m in Canada, so I had to pay a hefty shipping fee ($62) and an import fee ($57).

Overall, I ended up paying nearly $400 for the gi. Is the quality worth it? Absolutely. But for non-Americans, you’ll be spending a ton to get your Origin gi.

Origin Gi Sizing

The Origin Gi fits true to size.

See their sizing chart below:

origin sizing chart

I’m 6’1, 180 lbs. So, I ordered the Large A3 gi. It fits me perfectly.

The Pro BJJ pants also fit me perfectly. I ordered the same waist size as I would my jeans: 32″. I went with the 30″ inseam, which is recommended for people 6’1″ or taller.

origin pro bjj pants side view

The nice thing about Origin gis is that you can customize your jacket size, pant waist size, and inseam so that your gi fits custom to your body.

origin gi sizing customization options

Simply follow their sizing recommendations and your Origin gi and pants will fit you perfectly.

If you have any questions about sizing, you can call them with your questions.

Price Breakdown

For the Nano Pearl Path Gi and Pro BJJ Pants together, expect to pay $280 USD.

They also have financing options for $56 a month.

I’m in Canada, so I also paid $62 for international shipping. And I had to pay an import fee of $57.

Origin gis range from $128 to $335, putting the Nano Pearl Path gi in the upper range for Origin gis.

Compared to other BJJ gi brands, Origin gis are among the most expensive BJJ gis on the market.

I think Origin gis are worth the investment if you are looking for a premium BJJ gi that feels incredible and will last you a long time.

Construction Details

Here are the construction details for Nano Pearl Origin Gi.

Nano Peal Path Gi Jacket

  • The lapel is 100% polyester.
  • The rest of the gi is 65% polyester, 35% cotton.
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. No bleach, no iron.
  • Made in USA.

origin gi constructional material

Origin Pro BJJ Pants

  • 35% cotton, 65% polyester.
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low. No bleach, no iron.
  • Made in USA.

The most unique feature about this gi is its Nano Pearl Weave.

Nano Pearl is a brand-new textile created by Origin.

There are some interesting aspects of Nano Pearl Weave that make the Origin gi the best on the market.

Nano Pearl Weave is 10X stronger and more durable than a traditional gi jacket weave. And it only weighs half as much.

For example, fully-cotton gis are very tough, but they weigh around 800 GSM, making them the heaviest gis on the market.

On the other hand, the Nano Pearl Weave Origin gi is only 440 GSM. To me, it feels even lighter than that. It’s comparable to my 275 GSM Aeroweave Ultralight Gi.

Nano Pearl dries shockingly fast. It’s designed to wick moisture away from your body. Unlike most of my other gis, after a hard training session, my Origin gi isn’t soaked. And it hang-dries in just a few hours after washing.

Origin gis are built of Origin PolySynth® yarns. This yarn makes the gi tough and abrasive on the outside, but comfortable on the inside. When I wear this gi, I notice that it’s tougher for my opponent’s to get grips, and it’s easier for me to break them.

If you’re going to invest in an Origin gi, you might as well go all the way and get their Pro BJJ Pants.

Unlike the cheap, baggy gi pants that most gis come with, the Pro BJJ Pants are fitted, lightweight, and map to your body perfectly.

They’re built with Atomic Twill GEN 2, which has some cool features:

  • soil release;
  • anti-wrinkle;
  • stain-repellant;
  • and inside out moisture wicking.

nano pearl path gi review: jacket and bjj gi pants

As you sweat, Atomic Twill GEN 2 is designed to take the sweat to the outside of the pants — and then dry it. This helps keep your legs cool and comfortable.

Unlike typical gi pants, Origin’s Pro BJJ Pants belt loops are on the outside like a pair of jeans. They come with a simple string belt and a SWIVEL-LOC© belt. I’ve used both, and both are huge advancements over the usual string belt. My Pro BJJ pants never come undone when I’m rolling.

To me, the Pro BJJ Pants are a class above traditional gi pants, representing an evolution in the BJJ gi uniform.

Most BJJ gis are made in Pakistan. All Origin gis are made in America, by Americans. Origin is all about supporting local industry, which I think is a noble mission.

If you have any additional questions or thoughts on the Origin Nano Pearl Gi’s construction or the Pro BJJ pants, write me a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below are some common questions and answers about Origin gis.

Which Origin Gi Should I Get?

There are several different Origin gis which you can see here, ranging from $119 to $335.

Which one you get depends on your budget, desired quality, and style preferences.

“Origin uses different weave for their cheapest range Gi (everest, apache, honor), their mid range Gi (path, atleta, def) and the most expensive Gi (rift).”u/imvlad2000

However, be aware that some BJJ players claim that there is pilling with their high-end Rift gis.

Are Origin Gis IBJJF Approved?

According to the Origin website, Origin gis have been approved for major competitions, including the IBJJF. Make sure you check with your instructor for Gi fitment before entering any competition. If you are denied by an official, your judge has a grudge.”

If you’re specifically looking for an IBJFF-approved Origin gi, your safest bet is their Comp Gi.

Can You Dry An Origin Gi In The Dryer?

Yes, you can put your Origin gi in the dryer. Expect a bit of shrinkage. If it fits how you like, then it’s better to hang dry your gi to avoid shrinkage.

If you have a question for me about my Origin gi, drop a comment in the section below and I’ll answer it there.

Takeaway Thoughts

The Origin Nano Pearl Gi is a fantastic quality BJJ gi that exceeded my expectations. It has everything you’d want out of a BJJ gi, and more.

Sure, they have a high price tag. But with Origin, you get what you pay for. If you want a premium BJJ gi experience, you can’t go wrong with an Origin gi.

Do you have an Origin gi? Which particular model is your favorite, and why?

Leave a comment in the section below.

Or if you have any additional questions about Origin gis, drop a comment below and I’ll answer you there.

Happy rolling. 🤙

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    1. Hey Devin,

      My Origin gi did not shrink. It fit me perfect out of the box. So, I just cold wash and hang-dry it — and it hasn’t shrunk at all.

      Are you trying to shrink your Origin gi? I did successfully shrink my Gold Aeroweave gi. Let me know if you’d like some tips for how I did it!


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