Origin Pro BJJ Pants Review: The Best Gi Pants?

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best gi pants by origin

Tired of your BJJ gi pants falling down as you roll? Then you’ll LOVE the Origin Pro BJJ Pants.

One of my biggest frustrations with traditional gi pants is how often they fall down. Origin’s Pro BJJ Pants solve this problem. They’ve never come undone while I’ve trained.

In my Origin Pro BJJ Pants review, I’ll cover the pros and cons of these gi pants, discuss how to size them, and share my experience training in them.

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Origin Pro BJJ Pants Review: Quick Links

Origin Pro BJJ Pants Review Summary

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5 Stars)

The Origin Pro BJJ Pants are a 10X improvement over traditional BJJ gi pants. They stay up, never fall down, and fit like a pair of Italian-tailored suit pants. They’re light, comfortable, and dry quickly. After wearing these, you’ll never go back to wearing normal gi pants. And you’ll enjoy training in the gi more when your pants aren’t always falling down.

origin pro bjj pants

Who Should Buy Origin Pro BJJ Pants?

After trying dozens of different BJJ gi pants, I’m confident that Origin’s Pro Pants are the best gi pants on the market.

1. You’re Frustrated By Traditional BJJ Gi Pants

Traditional gi pants ALWAYS come undone at least once or twice per class. And it’s especially annoying when it happens in the middle of a roll. I have to pause the roll, tie my pants, and then restart.

Unlike traditional gi pants, the Pro Pants never come undone or fall down. Instead of using a drawstring belt, the Pro Pants have proper belt loops (like a pair of jeans). They come with a Swivel-Loc© belt, a special belt with a closure system that makes it impossible to come undone (unlike some flimsy drawstrings).

origin pro pants belt closure system

The Swivel-Loc© belt: a special belt that will keep your gi pants from falling down

Origin’s Pro BJJ Pants simply don’t have the same problems that standard gi pants create. The drawstrings don’t get sucked into the pants. Your pants won’t fall down when rolling. They’re truly a 10X improvement over standard gi pants. You’ll never want to go back to normal gi pants after wearing them.

2. You Want A Premium BJJ GI Experience

Traditional gi pants, in my experience, are ill-fitting, ugly, and often uncomfortable. They don’t pair well with other gis. They’re baggy and clumsy. If they are lightweight, they feel cheap.

Origin’s Pro BJJ Pants fit like your favorite pair of jeans, can be styled with other gi jackets, and feel premium just like an Origin gi. They don’t wrinkle, are so light you hardly notice you’re wearing them, and they transfer your sweat to the outside of the pants so you don’t have a sauna going on in your pants.

With traditional gi pants, I feel the need to wear spats. Spats are overkill for the Pro Pants. You won’t need them because these pants are form-fitting and don’t ride up your leg. So it’s one less thing you have to worry about buying, bringing to class, washing, and drying.

3. You’re Just Looking For Gi Pants

Maybe you have a favorite gi jacket and you just want better gi pants. If so, then the Origin Pro BJJ Pants are perfect for you. You can buy them as a stand-alone product on the Origin website.

With their minimalist design, you can wear them with your favorite gi top and it won’t look awkward. You can buy them in black, white, or royal blue.

Honestly, these pants look and fit so great, I’ve thought about wearing them outside of BJJ. But I don’t want to be “that” guy.

Who Shouldn’t Buy Origin Pro BJJ Pants?

Despite the 5-star rating, there are some niche situations where I wouldn’t recommend the Origin Pro BJJ Pants for you.

1. You Don’t Like Tighter Fitting Gi Pants

If you prefer loose, baggy gi pants, then these aren’t the right fit for you (get it?). The Origin Pro BJJ Pants fit like a “slim” pair of jeans. They’re nowhere near the skin-tight fit you’d see on an emo kid from the 2000s, but they are on the slimmer side.

However, if you are a bigger guy, I don’t think they’ll be uncomfortably tight. You can customize your Pro Pants to fit your waist and leg length. Also, the pants are designed to map to your body.

2. You Require A Big Knee Brace

Since the Origin Pro BJJ Pants are a bit tighter than typical gi pants, it’s hard to fit a big knee brace underneath them.

Knee sleeves are fine, but if you’re dealing with a knee injury and your knee brace has any metal on it, it might be difficult to fit your Pro Pants over it.

I wear an off-loader knee sleeve due to my meniscus tear. It’s a bit of a tight squeeze in these pants. I’m unable to wear both spats and my brace — the Origin Pro Pants can’t get past them on my leg. But spats are unnecessary with these pants anyways.

3. You’re Outside Of The U.S.A

If you’re outside of the USA, Origin has some hefty shipping fees.

I live in Canada. I bought my Pro Pants with my Nano Pearl Weave gi, and shipping cost me $62 total for both items. I also had to pay a duty fee of $57.

best gi pants by origin

Origin Gi with Origin Gi Pants

Was it worth it? Absolutely. The ability to roll without worrying about my gi pants following down is priceless. But any BJJ players outside of the USA should be aware of the extra cost before ordering.

Origin Pro BJJ Pants Pros & Cons

Here’s a summary of the pros & cons of the Origin Pro BJJ Pants.


  1. Stays Up: You won’t need to constantly re-tie your belt: it stays locked up so you can focus on rolling. With these pants, you get 2 belts, a string belt, and the Swivel-Loc© belt. I’ve used both and neither of them has come undone.
  2. Style: With a great fit and minimalist design, you can pair these pants with nearly any BJJ gi jacket.
  3. Comfort: They’re super light, don’t get sweaty, and map perfectly onto your body — making them leagues above your average janky gi pants in terms of comfort.

origin pro bjj pants side view


  1. Price: For a premium product, expect to pay a premium price. At $115 USD, these aren’t for grapplers on a budget.


Origin’s Pro BJJ Pants fit true to size.

Order them in the same size as you would a pair of jeans, and they’ll fit you perfectly.

For example, I wear a 32″ waist pair of jeans. So, I ordered my pair in a waist size of 32″, and an inseam of 30″. My Pro Pants fit perfectly.

Pro BJJ Pants by Origin

  • Height: 6’1″
  • Weight: 175 lbs
  • Waist: 32″

If you have any additional sizing and fit questions about the Origin Pro BJJ Pants, hit me up in the comment section.

Price Breakdown

For the Origin Pro BJJ pants, you can expect to invest $115 USD.

This is about twice as much as you’d pay for just gi pants.

You can also get classic BJJ pants from Origin for $88.

However, the Pro Pants are a 10X improvement over traditional gi pants.

After wearing them, I don’t like wearing normal gi pants anymore. I enjoy training in the gi much more because these fit so well, are light, and never come undone.

Origin’s products (like their Nano Pearl Weave Gi or rash guards) are more expensive than average BJJ gear. But, in my experience, they are worth the premium price.

Construction Details

The Pro Pants have plenty of different features that put them in a class of their own above other gi pants. Below are some of the key construction details about them straight from the Origin website.

    • Made in USA
    • 100% Ultralight Atomic Twill Gen 2
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Triple stitch felled seams
    • Reinforced stretch points
    • Built-in gusset
    • Swivel-Loc© belt & closure
    • Body-mapping performance fit
    • Soil release finish
    • Anti-wrinkle
    • Stain-repellent
    • “Inside-out” moisture wicking

origin gi pants construction details

They look great, they feel great, and they’re tough as nails.

If you have any further questions about the pant’s construction, scroll down and leave a comment.

Takeaway Thoughts & Discussion

The Origin Pro BJJ Pants are revolutionizing BJJ gi pants.

They solve the biggest problems with gi pants in a modern, stylish fashion.

I predict that many more BJJ gi brands will follow in Origin’s footsteps and try to innovate and improve the gi uniform.

What’s your biggest issue with typical gi pants? What do you like about the Origin Pro BJJ pants?

Leave your comment or question in the comment section below, and I’ll chat with you there.

Happy rolling. 🤙

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