Origin Rash Guard Review (BJJ): Is It Worth It?

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origin rash guard front view

Origin (the BJJ gi brand associated with Jocko) is known for their incredible BJJ gis — but can you expect the same quality from an Origin rash guard?

The Elec-Tron rashguard is one of Origin’s most unique-looking rash guards. It’s inspired by the movie series Tron and has a synthwave aesthetic to it. I think it’s the best-looking rash guard that Origin offers.

The material of this rash guard is incredibly comfortable. It’s so comfy that I’m wearing it right now as I write this review. It’s so comfy, I could walk around wearing it on the street like I’m John Danaher.

Despite its perfect comfort and fit, there are a few cons about Origin rash guards, which I’ll discuss below.

wearing origin rash guard no gi bjj

In this Origin rash guard review, I’m going to share my experience training in this rash guard to help you decide if it’s a good fit for your no-gi wardrobe.

(If you’re more of a gi player, check out my Origin gi review)

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Origin Rash Guard: Review Summary

4.5/5 Stars

Origin rash guards are among the best of the best in terms of comfort, fit, compression, breathability, and durability. I love the design of this particular Elec-Tron rash guard…but the other Origin rash guards, not so much. If you’re looking for high-quality no-gi gear, love the Origin USA and Jocko Willink story, and aren’t scared off by their pricing, then your Origin rash guard will be your favorite. If that doesn’t sound like you, I’d suggest another high-quality BJJ rash guard brand.

origin rash guard review

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Who Should Invest In An Origin Rash Guard?

Origin rash guards are great for no-gi BJJ players who have deep pockets. Make no mistake, their rash guards are among the highest quality you’ll find, and you’ll pay a premium for them. 

I love the fit, sizing, and comfort of this particular rash guard. If you like your rash guards tight — not saran-wrap tight — then I’m confident you’ll thrive wearing this rash guard. Just make sure you check out their sizing chart before you invest in one.

Let’s face it: you can get other high-quality rash guards — like Gold BJJ — for about 30% cheaper. But are those other rash guards designed and manufactured in the USA under the supervision of Jocko Willink himself? Not a chance. With Origin, you’re investing in more than just BJJ gear. You’re investing in domestic manufacturing.

Origin Rash Guard Pros

After testing my Origin rash guard in the gym and on the mats, there are 3 main things I like about it:

1. Comfort

My favorite thing about my Origin rash guard is how comfortable it is. It has a buttery, velvety-smooth texture that feels like silk. It’s 80% polyester, 20% spandex, and 100% made in the U.S.A.

origin rash guard front view

When I wear cheaper rash guards from Amazon, my mind notices how it feels on my body. As I’m training, I think to myself: “I feel this material on m skin.” While wearing an Origin rash guard, I don’t notice that it’s there. My mind is completely focused on rolling, and not the sensation of cheap material.

My Origin rash guard is so comfortable, I even wear it under my BJJ gi in yes-gi class. And I’m a notorious no-shirt guy. But this rash guard feels so nice, I’ll throw it on underneath my gi every now and then.

2. Fit

The second thing I love about the Origin rash guard is the fit. It fits like a glove. It’s tight, but not too tight like I’ve felt with some other premium BJJ rash guard brands. It fits my body proportionally and allows me to focus on doing jiu-jitsu.

I also like how the collar is a tad looser and protrudes a bit up the neck. It’s a neat feature that gives your neck some extra breathing room. These little details are what make Origin a fantastic BJJ brand.

origin rash guard neck

Origin rash guards are so comfortable because they fit so well. Follow their sizing chart so that your rash guard fits true-to-size.

3. Brand

One of the major reasons you’ll invest in an Origin rash guard is that you like their brand. The Origin brand is built on quality products, domestic manufacturing, and of course, Jocko Willink.

Listening to Jocko Willink’s first podcast with Joe Rogan is what inspired me to take my first jiu-jitsu class. I feel as though Jocko played a major role in my taking up the sport, and thus, starting this website. For this reason, I feel connected to the Origin brand, and I’m happy to pay homage to the reason I started BJJ and support their company because I believe in their mission.

All Origin gear is USA-made, provides fast shipping, and they’ll replace your rash guard for free if it rips. I’ve heard nothing but great things about their customer service, so you can expect nothing but the best from Origin across the board.

Origin Rash Guard Cons

Despite being one of the most comfortable and best-fitting rash guards, there are a few cons about Origin rash guards.

1. Price

One potential downside of Origin rash guards (or Origin BJJ gear in general) is the price. Now, the higher price is justified. The comfort and fit are ace. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you that you can find similar-quality rash guards at a lower price.

If you’re outside of the USA, then be prepared to spend just as much on shipping as you do for the rash guard itself. The shipping fee was monstrous for shipping a few miles north of the border to Vancouver, Canada. Now, it did ship fast, but I’d never pay that much for shipping if I wasn’t reviewing the product.

To make the price of an Origin rash guard worth it, you must love their brand and feel proud about sporting their gear on the mats.

origin rash guard side view

2. Style

Don’t get me wrong: I love how the Elec-Tron rash guard looks. This particular design “pops” without coming across as gimmicky or annoying. However, I don’t like how 95% of their other rash guards look.

Besides the shipping costs, the only thing holding me back from investing in more Origin rash guards is their aesthetic. Obviously, this is a personal preference. You might like the way their other rash guards look. But for me, to justify the price of these rash guards, I’d like them to look more stylish. They’re just not my cup of tea.

Of course, you only need to find one style that you like. So make sure you check out their other rash guard options and pick one that you like.

Origin Rash Guard Sizing

Origin rash guards fit true to size. They offer X-small, small, medium, large, X-large, XX-large, and 3X-large sizes.

Origin offers a rash guard sizing chart to help you pick the right size:

origin rash guard sizing chart

I’m 6’1″, and 185 lbs, so I ordered my Origin rash guard in XL.

My rash guard fits me just right. The length is perfect. The tightness is perfect. If every rash guard fit me an Origin rash guard, I’d be happy.

Origin’s rash guard sizing chart is for their compression-fit rash guards. If you’re looking at their comfort-fit rash guards, order your standard T-shirt size instead.

If you have any sizing and fit questions about Origin rash guards, leave a comment in the section below and I’ll personally answer your question.

Price Breakdown

For the Elec-Tron rash guard, you can expect to pay $68 USD. All Origin rash guards cost $68. It’s an expensive rash guard, but it will be one of the best-fitting, most comfortable rash guards you own.

origin rash guard back view

Beware: I live in Canada, and had to spend about as much on shipping as I did on the rash guard. I did it so I could write this review. If you’re outside of the USA, then prepare to spend a ridiculous amount on shipping. That being said, my Origin rash guard did arrive in 2 days. So the shipping is expensive, but quick.

If you love the Origin brand, like their unique aesthetic, live in the USA — and have some extra money to blow — then you’ll love their rash guards. But if you don’t have the budget to spend $68 on a rash guard, you can find other premium options.

Construction/Material Details

Here are the construction and material details for the Elec-Tron rash guard:

  • 80% polyester
  • 20% spandex
  • Made in USA

origin rash guard construction

XMARTIAL rash guards are cheaper and made of the same material.

It also features WarpWick knit: “Origin’s new WarpWick© performance knitted textile features 360 degree stretch. Knit in New England, WarpWick© is soil releasing, abrasion resistant, and moisture wicking. This is crafted to stay tucked in, and map to your body. It comes off your body as easy as it goes on. No more fighting with a sweaty rashguard after training. Fully sublimated and manufactured in our Maine-based factory.”

Origin recommends that you wash it in warm water, tumble-dry it on a low setting, and don’t use bleach or softeners.

If you have any other questions about the rash guard‘s construction or material details, hit me up in the comment section below.

Takeaway Thoughts

Overall, Origin rash guards are amazing for no-gi BJJ training. I’ll be wearing this rash guard for many of my no-gi sessions. If they can create some better styles, I’ll test out some of their short-sleeve rash guards. I just hope they make shipping internationally cheaper!

The main downside of these rash guards is their price (and shipping, if you don’t live in the US). But if you’re a fan of Jocko Willink and Origin, then I’m sure you’re willing to pay a premium to sport their BJJ gear.

If you have any additional questions about investing in an Origin rash guard, leave a comment in the section below and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Happy rolling! 🤙

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Tsavo is the founder of BJJ Equipment, an assistant BJJ instructor at InFighting, and a BJJ purple belt. He's a passionate hobbyist and BJJ gear/equipment aficionado. He launched BJJ Equipment in 2022 to make it easy for grapplers to find the best BJJ gear so they look, feel, and perform at their best on the mats.

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  1. I am interested in purchasing their rash guards, but sizes based on “shirt size” are somewhat useless for women, considering we fill them out differently than men. Do you have any measurements across the chest laying flat? I contacted Origin directly, and they said they don’t have measurements available, (which I found to be very odd, but I can’t do much about it.)

    Thank you!

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