Sisu Mouthguard Review: The Best Jiu-Jitsu Mouthguard?

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sisu mouthguard review for jiu jitsu

My Sisu mouthguard review: it’s the best jiu-jitsu mouthguard.

It’s what I’ve been using for 3 years now. And I doubt I’ll ever use any other mouthguard.

Let’s dive into my Sisu mouthguard review.

(In particular, I’ll be reviewing the Aero 1.6mm Sisu mouthguard, which I own and use myself)

sisu mouthguard review for jiu jitsu

Me with my Sisu mouthguard. Same once since white belt!

Sisu Mouthguard Review Summary

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5)

The Sisu mouthguard is the best jiu-jitsu mouthguard. It’s customizable to your mouth and teeth, comes in many different colors, and is so minimal that you’ll barely notice it’s there. And most importantly, it will keep your pearly whites safe. I’ve been using the same Sisu mouthguard since my first jiu-jitsu class, and I don’t plan on switching to another mouthguard.

Sisu Mouthguard Review Process

Here’s why I decided to give the Sisu mouthguard 5 stars.

1. What do I want this to do?

For jiu-jitsu, there are two things I expect my mouthguard to accomplish:

  1. Keep my teeth safe
  2. Not hamper my performance

2. Does it do what it’s supposed to do?

The Sisu mouthguard satisfies both of my expectations.

I’ve been training 4-5 times a week for a few years now, and I haven’t damaged my teeth whatsoever (despite being knee’d and elbowed in the mouth a few times).

3. How do I feel while using it?

The Sisu mouthguard doesn’t hamper my performance.

A good mouthguard should feel like it’s barely even there.

There have been a few times before getting ready to spar where I’m looking for my mouthguard — only to realize that it’s already in my mouth.

It’s a very thin, minimal mouthguard, which is perfect for BJJ.

4. How long does it last?

The Sisu mouthguard isn’t the cheapest mouthguard out there, so when I purchased it as a white belt, I expected it to last.

And it’s still in great shape. I’m using the same Sisu mouthguard to this day.

You can expect your Sisu mouthguard to last for years.

5. Is there anything else I wish it did?

As far as a jiu-jitsu mouthguard goes, no.

It’s the ideal mouthguard for BJJ.

However, you’ll want to pick up a small carrying case, because it doesn’t come with one.

6. Would I recommend this to a close training partner?

Yes — and I have recommended it to close training partners.

Whenever a new student asks me for mouthguard recommendations, I recommend the Sisu mouthguard.

It’s far superior to the bulky, non-customized mouthguards you’ll find at sports stores.

How To Use The Sisu Mouthguard For Jiu-Jitsu

Follow the steps in this video to fit your Sisu mouthguard.

  • Step 1: Wash your hands and the mouthguard with soap and water.
  • Step 2. Fill a glass or ceramic bowl with hot water.
  • Step 3. Drop your mouthguard into the bowl. Wait 60 seconds.
  • Step 4. Lift your mouthguard out of the bowl with the fork. It should be soft and pliable. Don’t let it fold on itself.
  • Step 5. In front of a mirror, place the mouthguard in your mouth. Bite into it, and pull it into place using your teeth and tongue.
  • Step 6. Close your lips over the mouthguard. Breathe deeply to create suction. Leave it in your mouth for 3 minutes.
  • Step 7. Check the fit by seeing how easy it is to remove. When you open your mouth, it shouldn’t come off unless you remove it yourself with your fingers. You should also be able to speak freely. It should fit comfortably over your front teeth.
  • If after step 7 your Sisu mouthguard doesn’t fit correctly, you can re-fit it by starting again with Step 1.

If it’s too snug, use less suction during step 6. If it’s not snug enough, use more suction during step 6.

You also re-mold specific parts of the mouthguard by dipping it into hot water.

Whenever you’re doing positional sparring or rolling, pop the Sisu mouthguard into your mouth.

It will keep your teeth safe!

Sisu Mouthguard Review Conclusion

The Sisu mouthguard is perfect for BJJ. It’s a must-have for gi and no-gi.

I recommend it to anyone looking for a customizable, sturdy, minimal mouthguard that will keep their teeth safe.

This mouthguard gets a perfect 5/5 stars from me.

How would you review the Sisu mouthguard?

Leave a comment below and let me know your opinion!

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