XMARTIAL Rash Guard Review: Are They Worth The Hype?

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xmartial rash guard

XMARTIAL rash guards: are they as good as advertised?

XMARTIAL is known for having some of the funniest BJJ rash guards on the market.

They’re a fast-growing no-gi brand worn by YouTubers like Jordan Teaches Jiu-Jitsu, Tyler Spangler, and Jedi Does Jiu-Jitsu.

In this review, I’ll share my experience wearing XMARTIAL rash guards on the mats.

XMARTIAL Rash Guard Review: Quick Links

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XMARTIAL Rash Guard Review Summary

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (5/5 stars)

XMARTIAL is now one of my favorite BJJ rash guard brands. They are of the same quality as Origin rash guards, but they’re cheaper. Their comfort, fit, and durability are ideal for no-gi BJJ. They boast an impressive selection of styles — including the funniest rash guards on the market. If you’re looking for a go-to rash guard brand, you can’t go wrong with XMARTIAL.

xmartial rash guard

Who Should Invest In An XMARTIAL Rash Guard?

If you’re looking for a high-quality rash guard for no-gi jiu-jitsu, XMARTIAL is a superb choice. Their rash guards are fairly priced, excellent quality, customizable, and have great styles.

You’ll also love XMARTIAL if you like to wear funny rash guards. From the Onlyfans rash guard to the Leopard print rash guard, they’re a great brand if you like to be silly with your BJJ gear.

XMARTIAL also offers plenty of deals, so you’ll almost always be able to get a hefty discount on your purchase. Check out their BJJ bundles page where you can get a rash guard, shorts, and spats for 50% off.


There are three main pros to XMARTIAL rash guards that make them stand out.

2. Comfort & Fit

The comfort and sizing of XMARTIAL rash guards are perfect. They are tight, but not uncomfortably tight. And they fit you perfectly right out of the box — just follow their sizing chart. The material is 80% polyester and 20% spandex (like Origin rash guards), which I find to be the most comfortable blend for BJJ rash guards. With high-quality rash guards XMARTIAL, you hardly notice that they’re on — perfect for no-gi class.

2. Selection & Styles

XMARTIAL has one of the most impressive, stylish collections on the market. With over 107 mens rash guards, it’s tough to find a better selection. From minimal rash guards to funny rash guards, they have designs for all style preferences. The first time I wore XMARTIAL rash guard to class, I received compliments on how it looked. I have a training partner who rocks the Dragonball Z rash guard, and it looks slick.

xmartial rash guard side view 2

3. Customization Options

When ordering a rash guard, XMARTIAL allows you to customize your order. With every rash guard, you can choose either an athletic, tighter fit or a looser fit. You can also choose between long sleeve or short sleeve for the same design. You can even create your own completely custom rash guard featuring your gym’s branding or logo. I prefer a tight, short sleeve rash guard, so I was thrilled that I could customize the design I liked to fit my specifications.


There is one potential con to be aware of with XMARTIAL depending on where you live.

1. Shipping Time

If you’re impatient about waiting for your BJJ gear, then you might be frustrated with XMARTIAL’s shipping time. On their website, they state that you should receive your order within 1-3 weeks of the time it leaves their warehouse. And delays can occur due to courier facility transfers. In my case, it took me 19 days to receive my rash guard.

XMARTIAL Rash Guard Sizing

XMARTIAL rash guards fit true to size.

Follow their size chart below, and your rash guard will fit you perfectly.

xmartial rash guard size chart

For example, I’m 6’1″ and 180 lbs, so I purchased a Large. I also went with the tighter fit option because I prefer more compression on my rash guards (and they make my biceps pop out a bit more 💪).

If you’re close to the next size up and you prefer a looser fit, they recommend choosing a size up.

Overall, I’m very happy with the fit and love how customizable the rash guards are.

Price Breakdown

XMARTIAL rash guards range from $39 for their minimalist rash guards to $85 for a custom rash guard.

The Grappler BJJ rash guard that I’m reviewing costs $49.00.

This puts XMARTIAL in the mid-range of BJJ rash guard prices.

They’re made of the same material as Origin rash guards (they feel exactly the same), which cost $68.

They frequently have sales for their rash guards, so if you’re patient, you won’t have to pay full price.

You can also enter “BJJEQ” at checkout to save 10% on your XMARTIAL rash guard.

xmartial rash guard back view

On top of their fair pricing, they also offer a one-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee.

I think their pricing is fair based on the quality of their style, construction, comfort, and fit.

Construction Details

XMARTIAL rash guards are made of 80% polyester and 20% spandex.

xmartial rash guard construction details

This is the same material blend as Origin rash guards.

Here are some of the features of all XMARTIAL rash guards:

  • Moisture-wicking fabric to keep the rash guard cool & dry
  • Four needle stiching for maximum durability
  • Gel panel for extra grip & comfort (stops it from riding up your stomach)
  • High-density, flat-lock stitching

To wash your XMARTIAL rash guard, they recommend that you hand wash it in cold water and not tumble dry it.

However, I wash mine in the washer and I dry it in the dryer. Doing so did not alter the material or fit.

Overall, XMARTIAL rash guards are very well-made, rivaling the most premium BJJ brands like Origin — but at a much cheaper price.

If you have a question about their construction details, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about XMARTIAL.

Is XMARTIAL a good brand?

Yes, XMARTIAL is a superb brand — I ranked them #2 on my list of the best BJJ rash guard brands.

They also have an “Excellent” 4.7 rating on Trustpilot.

XMARTIAL offers a lot of cool things that other BJJ brands don’t offer: frequent deals, a forum, a charity program, sponsorship programs, custom bulk orders, and more.

How long does it take XMARTIAL gear to ship?

If you’re in the USA, it generally takes 1-3 weeks for you to receive your order. If you’re worldwide, expect it to take 2-4 weeks.

In my case, it took me 19 days to receive my order (in Vancouver, Canada).

xmartial rash guard side view 1

Can you return or exchange your rash guard?

You can return your order and process a refund within 30 days of your order.

They will only replace damaged items.

If you do want to return your order, you’ll have to pay your own shipping costs.

Read more about XMARTIAL’s refund policy here.

You can read their full, official FAQ here.

If you have any specific questions for me about their rash guards, leave a comment in the section below and I’ll answer it there.

xmartial bjj rash guard back

Takeaway Thoughts

The verdict is in: XMARTIAL rash guards are worth the hype.

With their excellent construction, ideal sizing, unmatched selection, and frequent deals, they are at the top of the list of the best BJJ rash guard brands.

Do you have an XMARTIAL rash guard? What’s your favorite rash guard of theirs?

Leave a comment in the section below and share your thoughts on XMARTIAL.

Happy rolling. 🤙

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